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Mark Lawrence was born in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, to British parents but moved to the UK at the age of one. He went back to the US after taking a PhD in mathematics at Imperial College to work on a variety of research projects including the ‘Star Wars’ missile defence programme. Returning to the UK, he has worked mainly on image processing and decision/reasoning theory.
Mark Lawrence lives in Bristol and is married with four children, one of whom is severely disabled. His day job is as a research scientist focused on various rather intractable problems in the field of artificial intelligence. He has held secret level clearance with both US and UK governments. At one point he was qualified to say 'this isn't rocket science … oh wait, it actually is'.
Between work and caring for his disabled child, Mark spends his time writing, playing computer games, tending an allotment, brewing beer, and avoiding DIY.

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy
Mark Lawrence recommends
Malice (2012)
(Faithful and the Fallen, book 1)
John Gwynne
"With all manner of battles, betrayals and revelations. I particularly enjoyed the battle scenes and duels . . . If it sounds like your thing, then it probably is."
Senlin Ascends (2013)
(Babel, book 1)
Josiah Bancroft
"One of the best reads I've had in ages."
The Incorruptibles (2014)
(Incorruptibles, book 1)
John Hornor Jacobs
"An exceptionally well writen book."
Gemini Cell (2015)
(Shadow Ops, book 4)
Myke Cole
"Intense and explosive-Cole tells a hell of a story."
The Grey Bastards (2015)
(Lot Lands, book 1)
Jonathan French
"A filthy, charismatic and frankly excellent read."
Los Nefilim (2016)
(Los Nefilim)
T Frohock
"A joy to read."
The Malice (2016)
(Vagrant, book 2)
Peter Newman
"An exciting new writer-sharp, compelling and original."
The Waking Fire (2016)
(Draconis Memoria, book 1)
Anthony Ryan
"A master story teller."
Kin (2018)
(Helga Finnsdottir, book 1)
Snorri Kristjansson
"For Vikings done right, come to Snorri Kristjansson."
Priest of Bones (2018)
(War for the Rose Throne, book 1)
Peter McLean
"Charismatic and very more-ish."
Never Die (2019)
Rob J Hayes
"One of self-publishing's rising stars."
Crowfall (2019)
(Raven's Mark, book 3)
Ed McDonald
"Dark, twisty and excellent...Grimdark with heart."

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