Nikki Dean

Nikki Dean has been fascinated by fairy tales for as long as she can remember, and has always thought there had to be more to those stories that she was being told. She devoured the Red, Blue, Green, Purple and other color Fairy Books as a child, as well as uncountable numbers of traditional retellings, including the Grimm original fairy tales. None of them quite hit the spot, and as an adult, she finally figured out why.

All of the usual "romance" had little to do with real life romance. Flowers, chocolates and glass shoes don't keep the magic alive (although animals that clean your house for you might help). Nikki's fairy tales have a lot more adult elements, such as physical relations, kissing, anticipation and yes, some super-steamy naughty bits, because that's a large part of real life romance. She's always been fascinated by the idea of of the monsters, like Beast, finding true love the way they are, without having to turn into a man at the end of the story. Because really, isn't that what true love really is? Acceptance?