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Dinah Dean

UK flag (b.1928)

aka Jane Hunt, Marjorie May

Dinah  is known mainly for the historical romances she wrote in the 1980s for the Mills & Boon Masquerade Historical Romance imprint. Historical romances then, as now, included a wide range of both writing quality and historical accuracy. Dinah Dean is at the top end of the scale for both. While she does not confine herself to any one period or place, most of her books are set during the early 19th century, in either Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, or in Russia. As a resident of Waltham Abbey and the secretary of the Waltham Abbey Historical Society Dinah Dean is well informed about the history of the town and she uses this in her books which are set between 1060 and 1808. She is also knowledgeable about Russia and, as well as her romances about the early 19th century, she set one book there in the late 11th century.

Dinah Dean also published under the names Jane Hunt and Marjorie May.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Russian Eagles
   1. Flight from the Eagle (1974)
   2. The Green Gallant (1980) (as by Jane Hunt)
   3. The Eagle's Fate (1981)
   4. Wheel of Fortune (1983)
   5. The Ice King (1980)
   6. Tatya's Story (1984)
   7. The River of Time (1985)
   1. The Country Gentlemen (1985)
   2. The Country Cousins (1986)
   3. Briar Rose (1986)
   4. Maid of Honour (1987)
   That Sweet Enemy (1982) (as by Marjorie May)
   The Cockermouth Mail (1982) (as by Marjorie May)
   Silk and Stone (1990)
   Daughter of the Sunset Isles (1991)

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