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South Africa

René Van Dalen grew up in a small town in the Transkeian region of South Africa close to the ocean and the mountains. After high school she moved to the city to go to College. She never left and misses the ocean every single day.Her parents gave her the love of books and music. Haunting the library when she should have been studying helped to satisfy her craving to read more and more books.Doing what the majority of people do is not for her, she loves who she finally turned out to be.René likes her music loud and heavy, her coffee with a touch of milk and slightly sweet, and chocolate in all its shapes and forms. She’s a voracious reader and a huge fan of J R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Her three adult children are the loves of her life.Music is her muse. Her house is never silent. Whether she’s writing or reading or just chilling there is always music playing.

Genres: Romantic Suspense
Iron Dogz MC
   1. Burning Bright In The Black (2019)
   2. Lost And Found In Blue (2019)
   3. Black Heart And Red Redemption (2019)
   3.5. A Single Shining Moment (2020)
   4. Vengeance Of A Black Knight (2020)
   5. Mark Of A Scarred Warrior (2020)
   6. Neither Black Nor White (2021)
   7. A Touch Of Grey (2021)
   7.5. Birds Of A Feather (2021)
   8. Bitter Taste Of Sin (2022)
   Bikers, Baubles & Bells (2022)
   9. Heart Of Stone (2023)
   1. Evil Beautiful (2022)
   2. Angel Beautiful (2022)
   3. Savage Beautiful (2022)
   Starlight & Sandcastles (2023)
   These Deviant Ties (2021) (with others)

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