Sean Deville

Sean Deville fell into the world of apocalyptic fiction with his first zombie novel, “Cobra Z” which was book 1 in his Necropolis trilogy (Cobra Z, The Contained, Necropolis - published by Severed Press). He followed this up with the stand-alone horror novel “The Defiled” which is a dark end of the world tale of horror and suspense. With “The Profane” (book one in the Sheol trilogy), and the soon to be released “The Spread” (first book in the Lazarus Chronicles), Deville gives you everything you need for your apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic yearnings.

All he ever wanted to do was bring darkness into the light.
   19 Gates of Hell (2018) (with Matthew Brockmeyer, R L Burwick, Byron Craft, Matthew Hollis Damon, Jacob Floyd, Titan Frey, James Harper, Dane Hatchell, Marie Lanza, Frank Martin, Chris Miller, Jason Offutt, Alberto Pupo, Rich Restucci, Brandon Scott, James Watts and Ryan Wilson)