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Trudi Jaye

Trudi Jaye is a writer of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult fiction. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand, in a secluded haven amongst the trees with her lovely husband and cheeky young daughter.

She loves to travel, and has also lived in the UK, US, and Denmark. For the last ten years she's been a magazine writer, telling the stories of the innovative and cutting-edge research for a tertiary education institution.

Trudi enjoys yoga, although she's not very bendy, and karate, although she doesn't like the idea of hitting anyone.

She's worked as a camp counselor, a waitress, a checkout girl, and an editor. But none of those jobs compares to being able to call herself a writer.
   Kick Author Overwhelm in the Curb (2017) (with Shar Barratt, Cheryl Phipps, SPAGirls and Wendy Vella)