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Stephanie Doyle

Stephanie Doyle started writing romance when she was twelve. She fell in love with Princess Leia and she wanted to write a wedding story between her and Han Solo. It was all very dramatic and romantic.

Soon however she wanted to write her own heroines and tell their stories. Who are these women? Her heroines are always strong, always ready for whatever adventure is thrown at them and they need a hero who is strong enough to keep up with them.

Stephanie  lives in New Jersey with her three crazy cats.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
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   Undiscovered Hero (1997)
   One True Love? (2003)
   Who Wants To Marry a Heartthrob? (2004)
   Calculated Risk (2005)
   The Contestant (2005)
   Possessed (2006)
   Suspect Lover (2009)
   The Doctor's Deadly Affair (2011)
   The Way Back (2012)
   One Final Step (2012)
   An Act of Persuasion (2013)
   For the First Time (2013)
   Remembering That Night (2014)
   Her Secret Service Agent (2017)
   Married...Again! (2018)

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