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The Way of Love

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There is no fear in love. But we live in fear of loss, and the fear that we are failures, and the fear that others might fail us. So then. . . do we know Love? Enter the Way of Yeshua and discover a living, breathing journey that all are invited to take during this life. The journey from fear to love; the journey from blindness to sight. The journey from darkness to light. This is our Practice: to see and awaken to the light and so love as He loves.This is our Journey: to walk in the light of true love rather than darkness. Only in true love can we find peace during this life.

Paperback Editions

2018 : Paperback

Title: The Way of Love
Author(s): Ted Dekker
ISBN: 0-9968124-3-1 / 978-0-9968124-3-6
Publisher: Outlaw Studios
Availability: Amazon