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Jerry B Jenkins

USA flag (1949 - )

Author of more than 180 books with sales of more than 70 million copies, including the best-selling Left Behind series, Jerry B. Jenkins is former vice president for publishing and currently chairman of the board of trustees for the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

Jerry's writing has appeared in Time, Reader's Digest, Parade, Guideposts, and dozens of Christian periodicals. Twenty of his books have reached The New York Times best-seller list (seven debuting number one). The Breakthrough, the final book in Jerry's Precinct 11 trilogy, released from Tyndale House Publishers in September 2012.

Jerry owns Jenkins Entertainment, a filmmaking company in Chicago, and the Christian Writers Guild, which aims to train tomorrow's professional Christian writers. Each student is personally mentored by a seasoned professional.







Left Behind : The Kids
1. The Vanishings (1998) (with Tim LaHaye)
2. Second Chance (1998) (with Tim LaHaye)
3. Through the Flames (1998) (with Tim LaHaye)
4. Facing the Future (1998) (with Tim LaHaye)
5. Nicolae High (1999) (with Tim LaHaye)
6. Underground (1999) (with Tim LaHaye)
7. Busted! (2000) (with Tim LaHaye)
8. Death Strike (2000) (with Tim LaHaye)
9. Search (2000) (with Tim LaHaye)
10. On the Run (2000) (with Tim LaHaye)
11. Into the Storm (2000) (with Tim LaHaye)
12. Earthquake (2000) (with Tim LaHaye)
13. The Showdown (2000) (with Tim LaHaye)
14. Judgment Day (2000) (with Tim LaHaye)
15. Battling the Commander (2001) (with Tim LaHaye)
16. Fire From Heaven (2001) (with Tim LaHaye)
17. Terror in the Stadium (2001) (with Tim LaHaye)
18. Darkening Skies (2001) (with Tim LaHaye)
19. Attack of Apollyon (2002) (with Tim LaHaye)
20. A Dangerous Plan (2002) (with Tim LaHaye)
21. Secrets of New Babylon (2002) (with Tim LaHaye)
22. Escape from New Babylon (2002) (with Tim LaHaye)
23. Horsemen of Terror (2002) (with Tim LaHaye)
24. Uplink from the Underground (2002) (with Tim LaHaye)
25. Death at the Gala (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
26. The Beast Arises (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
27. Wildfire! (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
28. The Mark of the Beast (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
29. Breakout! (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
30. Murder in the Holy Place (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
31. Escape to Masada (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
32. War of the Dragon (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
33. Attack on Petra (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
34. Bounty Hunters (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
35. The Rise of the False Messiahs (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
36. Ominous Choices (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
37. Heat Wave (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
38. Perils of Love (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
39. The Road to War (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
40. Triumphant Return (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
Left Behind the Kids Collection: Books 1-6 (omnibus) (2001) (with Tim LaHaye)
Left Behind: The Kids Collection 3 Vol 13-18 (omnibus) (2001) (with Tim LaHaye)
Left Behind The Kids Books 19-24 (omnibus) (2002) (with Tim LaHaye)
Pursued (omnibus) (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
Taken (omnibus) (2003) (with Tim LaHaye)
Hidden (omnibus) (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
Rescued (omnibus) (2004) (with Tim LaHaye)
Left Behind: The Kids Books 31-35 (omnibus) (2004) (with Chris Fabry and Tim LaHaye)
Shaken (omnibus) (2005) (with Tim LaHaye)
Unmasked (omnibus) (2005) (with Tim LaHaye)
Protected (omnibus) (2011) (with Tim LaHaye)


Underground Zealot
1. Soon (2003)
2. Silenced (2004)
3. Shadowed (2005)
The Underground Zealot Collection (omnibus) (2016)

Left Behind : Young Tribe Force (with Chris Fabry and Tim LaHaye)
5. Stung (omnibus) (2011)
6. Frantic (omnibus) (2004)
9. Deceived (omnibus) (2011)
11. Hunted (omnibus) (2011)
12. Arrived (omnibus) (2011)
Left Behind: The Kids Collection 3 (omnibus) (2015)
Left Behind: The Kids Collection 2 (omnibus) (2015)
Left Behind: The Kids Collection 1 (omnibus) (2015)


Renegade Spirit (with John Perrodin)
1. The Tattooed Rats (2006)
2. Demon's Bluff (2006)
3. Seclusion Point (2008)


Thirteen (with Trisha White Priebe)
1. The Glass Castle (2016)
2. The Ruby Moon (2016)
3. The Paper Boat (2017)
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