Douglas Enefer

UK flag (1906 - 1987)

aka Dale Bogard, Paul Denver

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Romance
   Lead Her Gently To The Grave (1950) (as by Dale Bogard)
   Nobody Died For Johnnie (1951) (as by Dale Bogard)
   Pardon My Body (1952) (as by Dale Bogard)
   The Last Laugh (1963) (as by Paul Denver)
   Thirteen Steps to Lime Street (1969)
   Sammy (1972)
   Dead On Time (1973) (as by Paul Denver)
   The Last Trick (1973)
   Ice in the Sun (1977)
   The Shoot-out (1979)
   The Sixth Raid (1979)
   The Goodbye Blond (1980)
   The Deadly Streak (1982)
   The Last Leap (1983)
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