Mary Tate Engels

(Mary Frances Tate Engels)

aka Corey Keaton, Cory Kenyon, Tate McKenna

Mary Tate Engels grew up in the South, listening to stories and telling a few, herself.  Like most writers, She reads everything she can and was always writing, writing, writing. Her tipping point, from reader to writer came when her three children were young.

Between baseball, soccer, and endless pizza, She got a magazine assignment to do restaurant reviews. What could be better getting paid to eat and write about it! An encounter with a very large raw oyster took the glow off that charmed career.

At a writers conference in Houston, She squeezed into a packed room for a fiction workshop and discovered the lure of creating another world taking a cast of characters on a journey of exploration and change. Or, letting them take her.

Genres: Romance
   Captive Desire (1982) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Daring Proposal (1983) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Enduring Love (1983) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Love's Dawning (1984) (as by Tate McKenna)
   The Perfect Touch (1984) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Man of the Hour (1985) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Love Is All That Matters (1985) (as by Tate McKenna)
   A Wild and Reckless Love (1985) (as by Tate McKenna)
   A Man to Remember (1986) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Partners in Peril (1986) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Sweet Revenge (1986) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Island of Secrets (1987) (as by Tate McKenna)
   Callahan's Gold (1987) (as by Tate McKenna)
   The Nesting Instinct (1988) (as by Corey Keaton)
   The Right Time (1989)
   Best-laid Plans (1989)
   Ripe for the Picking (1990)
   Hard to Resist (1991)
   Loved by the Best (1991)
   A Lasting Love (2010)
   A Rare Breed (2011)
   Rogue Diamond (2011)
   Speak to the Wind (2011)
   Our Time to Love (2015)
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   Legacy of Love / Captive Desire (1992) (as by Tate McKenna)