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Nicole Ellis

Nicole Ellis always knew her destiny was to work with animals. She grew up riding horses, bonding with family pets and she was always the fearless kid in the class who volunteered to hold the giant boa constrictor or pet the cheetah. She went on to study animal training with top trainers, learning to work with everything from exotics like bears and big cats to household pets like dogs and cats. Somewhere along the way, she realized that her mission as a trainer was actually to train other humans to strengthen their bonds with their pets through positive training and mutual understanding. Happier owners means happier pets, and then hopefully fewer unwanted pets will end up on the streets and in city shelters - that was Nicole's thinking. Nicole's own dog, Maggie, came from one of those shelters and became her animal training ambassador. In addition to working in commercials and movies, Maggie knows over one hundred behaviors and performs at hospitals, charity fundraisers and on TV.

Genres: Cozy Mystery