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A school project from when Rebecca was 6 reads, 'when I grow up I want to be an artist and a writer'. After a brief detour from this career plan involving a degree in philosophy and a dull office job she fulfilled her plan in 2001 when she became a full time children's book illustrator and has since written and illustrated hundreds of picture books published worldwide including the best-selling Owl Diaries chapter book series and picture books including the award-winning Just Because, Zoo Girl, The Last Tiger, Naked Trevor and Mr Super Poopy Pants.
She lives in Suffolk in the UK with her husband, children, three chickens and a cat called Bernard.

Genres: Children's Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
New and upcoming books
September 2024

The Owlympic Games
(Owl Diaries, book 20)
Owl Diaries
   1. Eva's Tree Top Festival (2015)
   2. Eva Sees a Ghost (2015)
   3. A Woodland Wedding (2016)
   4. Eva and the New Owl (2016)
   5. Warm Hearts Day (2016)
   6. Baxter is Missing (2017)
   7. The Wildwood Bakery (2017)
   8. Eva and the Lost Pony (2018)
   9. Eva's Big Sleepover (2018)
   10. Eva and Baby Mo (2019)
   11. Trip to the Pumpkin Farm (2019)
   12. Eva's Campfire Adventure (2019)
   13. Eva in the Spotlight (2020)
   14. Eva at the Beach (2021)
   15. Eva's New Pet (2021)
   16. Get Well, Eva (2022)
   17. Eva in the Band (2022)
   18. The Nature Club (2023)
   19. Eva for President (2023)
   20. The Owlympic Games (2024)
Unicorn Diaries
   1. Bo's Magical New Friend (2019)
   2. Bo and the Dragon-Pup (2020)
   3. Bo the Brave (2020)
   4. The Goblin Princess (2020)
   5. Bo and the Merbaby (2021)
   6. Storm on Snowbelle Mountain (2022)
   7. The Missing Magic (2022)
   8. Welcome to Sparklegrove (2023)
   9. The Glitter Bug (2023)
   10. Bo and the Witch (2024)
   11. The Secret of the Lost Gold (2025)
For a Girl
   1. Pretty Funny for a Girl (2020)
     aka Pretty Funny
   2. Pretty Rude for a Girl (2021)
     aka Pretty Rude
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