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Tracey’s Emerson latest psychological thriller, The Perfect Holiday, is published by Boldwood Books. Before writing fiction, she worked in theatre and community arts. As well as acting, she ran drama workshops in healthcare settings, focusing on adults with mental health issues. Her short stories have been widely published in anthologies and literary magazines, and her feature writing has appeared in Stella magazine, 
Woman’s Own and The Sydney Morning Herald. Her first psychological thriller, She Chose Me, was published by Legend Press in 2018.She has a PhD in Creative Writing from The University of Edinburgh and works as a literary consultant and writing tutor. She is also the Creative Director of The Bridge Awards, a philanthropic organisation that provides micro-funding for the arts.


Genres: Mystery
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March 2024

The Last Resort
   The Perfect Holiday (2022)
   The Ideal Man (2023)
   Mother's Day (2023)
   The Last Resort (2024)
T J Emerson recommends
Goddesses (2023)
Nina Millns
"Bold, gripping and divinely comic. A thrilling pageturner with a fresh, original heroine at its heart. A story that dares to subject modern feminism to a tough and timely cross-examination."
All You Ever Wanted (2022)
Susan Elliot Wright
"A gripping blend of creepy psychological suspense and powerful domestic drama. Elliot-Wright uses her insight into human nature and her storytelling skills to thrilling effect."

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