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Valerie Keogh

Valerie Keogh is a qualified nurse with a BA in English and an MA in American Literature. She continues to work as a nurse and writes when she can, some days pages, some days just a few words.
She has written two different series.

The Hudson and Connolly series is based in Falmouth. Nicola Connolly is a serial killer. When circumstances lead her to help the police it is the beginning of an unlikely relationship.
There are currently four novels in the Hudson and Connolly series.

Her other series, The Garda West series is set in Dublin where Garda Sergeant Mike West battles a series of crimes There are also four novels in this series.

Ms Keogh has also written a stand-alone novel, Exit Five from Charing Cross, a story of ambition, greed and thwarted love.

Genres: Mystery