Luca Di Fulvio's picture

Luca Di Fulvio

Italy (b.1957)

Luca Di Fulvio, born in 1957, lives and works in Rome. His self-avowed schizophrenic nature brings him to write with equal passion gruesome thrillers and delicate fairy tales for children which he publishes under a pseudonym. He wrote 'Zelter'(1996), 'The Mannequin Man' (originally published as 'L'Impagliatore' in 2000 and the basis for the film 'Eyes of Crystal', launched at the Venice Film Festival in 2004) and 'Dover Beach' (2002) currently being filmed. 'The Mannequin Man' was chosen as one of the ten best European crime novels of 2003 by the French magazine 'Le Point'. The Italian press refers to Luca Di Fulvio as a grittier, Italian Thomas Harris.