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Kate Furnivall was born in Wales, has worked in publishing and TV advertising and now lives by the sea in Devon with her husband, with whom she has two sons.

Genres: Historical, Literary Fiction
Russian Concubine
   1. The Jewel of St Petersburg (2010)
   2. The Russian Concubine (2007)
   3. The Concubine's Secret (2009)
     aka The Girl from Junchow
Kate Furnivall recommends
The Kissing Gates (2008)
Mackenzie Ford
"This book is a joy to read. Wonderful period detail, and the atmosphere so convincing it had me looking out the window for Zeppelins. The First World War - with its no-man's land and valiant nurses - is disturbingly contrasted to the peaceful idyll of rural England. Even the touching love story, with a secret ticking away like a time-bomb at its heart, has us on a knife-edge of uncertainty. And Ford provides fascinating details of the thrills of the wartime intelligence world. I was swept up in this intimate and captivating story of conflicting loyalties. It's the kind of read that lingers in the mind."
Daughters of Rome (2011)
(Empress of Rome , book 2)
Kate Quinn
"A remarkable new talent."
The Night Raid (2017)
Clare Harvey
"An irresistible tale of friendship, love and heartache during WW2 that had me enthralled."
Our House (2018)
Louise Candlish
"Finished in two days. Absolutely brilliant. It has bestseller written all over it."
The Sunday Lunch Club (2018)
Juliet Ashton
"Had me utterly entranced...made me relish the warmth of the human heart."
The Lost Daughter (2018)
Gill Paul
"Bold and powerful, filled with emotion, tension and vivid characters in a setting that is rich in historical detail."
A Million Dreams (2019)
Dani Atkins
"Powerful. Ruthlessly honest. Hauntingly moving. The characters ripped my heart wide open in this beautiful story about love and loss and heart-rending choices. Dani Atkins does not shy away from asking tough questions, and her answers are ones that will make you weep. Intense and emotional, I loved every moment of it."
The Light Within Us (2020)
(Spindrift Trilogy, book 1)
Charlotte Betts
"Moving, heart-warming and beautifully woven."
From Venice with Love (2020)
Rosanna Ley
"I loved this wonderful tale of forbidden love and mysterious family secrets . . . completely beguiling and beautifully told."
The Silken Rose (2020)
(Rose Trilogy , book 1)
Carol McGrath
"Powerful, gripping and beautifully told. A historical novel that will resonate with the #MeToo generation. Carol McGrath bewitched me with her immaculate research, vivid characters and complex tale of politics, power and love. I could smell the secrets and taste the fear that stalked King Henry's court. Clever, intimate and full of intrigue, I loved it."
The Puzzle Women (2020)
Anna Ellory
"I loved it. A shocking and powerful story that moved me profoundly. Ellory deals with dark and difficult subjects, yet turns them into an extraordinary uplifting tale of love and loyalty. A very special talent. This book will grip your heart and not let go."
The Museum of Forgotten Memories (2020)
Anstey Harris
"Shines like a beacon in the darkness."
Daughters of War (2021)
(Daughters of War, book 1)
Dinah Jefferies
"Rich in courage, love and sacrifice, but chilling and taut in its portrayal of the horrors of war."

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