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Sara Hoskinson Frommer

USA flag (b.1937)

Sara Hoskinson Frommer, author of the Joan Spencer mysteries, lives in Bloomington, Indiana. A veteran of the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra's viola section, Sara is a self-taught quilter who did indeed quilt the quilt on the Buried in Quilts ebook cover. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and has served on the board of directors of Mystery Writers of America.

Born in Chicago to Hoosier parents, Sara grew up in Hawaii and northern Illinois. She has degrees from Oberlin College and Brown University, and studied at the university in Tübingen, Germany. She has worked with a transportation economist, ethnologists, and foreign exchange students (having been an AFS exchange student to Germany herself). None of that has anything to do with writing mysteries, but her lifelong love of reading does. That, and getting mad at an oboe player.