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Carolyn Gimpel Hart (born Carolyn Gimpel in Oklahoma) is a mystery writer who has won two Agatha Awards. She began as a journalist writing under the name Carolyn G. Hart. She gained wider attention twenty years later with the Death on Demand series.

Genres: Mystery, Cozy Mystery
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (1988) : Something Wicked
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1989) : A Little Class on Murder
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original winner (1989) : Something Wicked
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1990) : Deadly Valentine
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original winner (1990) : Honeymoon With Murder
Macavity Awards Best Novel winner (1990) : A Little Class on Murder
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1991) : The Christie Caper
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1992) : Southern Ghost
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (1993) : Dead Man's Island
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1994) : Scandal in Fair Haven
Agatha Award Best Novel nominee (1999) : Death on the River Walk
Agatha Award Best Novel winner (2003) : Letter From Home

Carolyn Hart recommends
Paws Before Dying (1991)
(Dog Lover's Mystery, book 4)
Susan Conant
"Conant is a gifted and original writer who charms, delights, and satisfies."
Tippy-Toe Murder (1994)
(Lucy Stone Mystery, book 2)
Leslie Meier
"I like Lucy Stone a lot, and so will readers."
Remember the Alibi (1994)
(Peaches Dann, book 2)
Elizabeth Daniels Squire
"Wonderfully written and absolutely original... terrific."
Do Unto Others (1994)
(Jordan Poteet, book 1)
Jeff Abbott
"One of the most fun mysteries I've read in years. Thumbs up to Jeff Abbott's delightful debut novel."
Irish Chain (1995)
(Benni Harper, book 2)
Earlene Fowler
"Benni Harper is bright, fresh, funny - and endearing."
The Body in the Transept (1995)
(Dorothy Martin, book 1)
Jeanne M Dams
"Rings as clear and true as hand-bells on a Sunday morning."
Class Reunions Are Murder (1996)
(Nan Robinson, book 3)
Taffy Cannon
"Taffy Cannon is a superb writer."
Somebody Else's Child (1996)
(Theresa Galloway mystery, book 1)
Terris McMahan Grimes
"I fell in love with new sleuth Theresa Galloway... A terrific debut."
Hickory Dickory Stalk (1996)
(E. J. Pugh, book 2)
Susan Rogers Cooper
"One of today's finest mystery writers."
War and Peas (1996)
(Jane Jeffry, book 8)
Jill Churchill
"Jill Churchill creates domestic malice with a deft pen."
The Toyotomi Blades (1997)
(Ken Tanaka, book 2)
Dale Furutani
"Sleuth Ken Tanaka is appealing and bright in a clever and captivatingly original story."
The Last Noel (1997)
(Iris House B & B Mystery, book 4)
Jean Hager
"Put The Last Noel at the top of your mystery list!"
Between a Wok and a Hard Place (1998)
(Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries with Recipes, book 5)
Tamar Myers
"A delicious treat."
Ghost Dancer (1998)
(Howard Moon Deer, book 1)
Robert Westbrook
"A superb debut novel!"
Murder Shoots the Bull (1999)
(Southern Sisters, book 6)
Anne George
"The cleverest set of sister sleuths in history. I love her books."
Backstage Murder (1999)
(Linda Haggerty, book 1)
Shelley Freydont
"Shelley Freydont writes with grace and her debut mystery will captivate readers."
Never Sorry (1999)
(Leigh Koslow, book 2)
Edie Claire
"Funny, fast-paced, clever... sheer delight."
By Hook or By Book (2000)
(Megan Clark, book 2)
D R Meredith
"A mystery lover's delight..."
Nursery Crimes (2000)
(Mommy-Track, book 1)
Ayelet Waldman
"Funny, clever, touching, original, wacky and wildly successful."
Murder of a Small-Town Honey (2000)
(Scumble River, book 1)
Denise Swanson
"A charming, insightful debut."
An Angel to Die for (2000)
(Augusta Goodnight, book 2)
Mignon F Ballard
"Ballard's inspiring series featuring guardian angel Augusta Goodnight deserves a golden halo."
Miss Zukas Shelves the Evidence (2000)
(Miss Zukas, book 8)
Jo Dereske
"An enchanting series... I love Miss Zukas mysteries."
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2001)
(Jersey Shore, book 4)
Beth Sherman
"A powerful, compelling and riveting mystery."
Dancing Dead (2002)
(Sister Rose Callahan Mystery, book 6)
Deborah Woodworth
"Sister Rose Callahan is a marvelous heroine with wisdom and charm to spare."
Silver Scream (2002)
(Bed-And-Breakfast, book 18)
Mary Daheim
"I love her books!"
This Pen for Hire (2002)
(Jaine Austen, book 1)
Laura Levine
"Sheer fun!"
A Deep Blue Farewell (2002)
(Scotia MacKinnon, book 2)
Sharon Duncan
"If I'm ever in deep trouble, I'll race to [Scotia's]] office."
If Cooks Could Kill (2002)
(Angie Amalfi, book 10)
Joanne Pence
"Joanne Pence provides laughter, love, and cold chills."
Who Left That Body in the Rain? (2002)
(Thoroughly Southern Mystery, book 4)
Patricia Sprinkle
"Charms, mystifies, and delights."
Pick Your Poison (2004)
(Yellow Rose Mysteries, book 1)
Leann Sweeney
"Pick Your Poison is as Texan as Dr Pepper - swigging armadillo at the Alamo. A rip-roaring read!"
Death By Deep Dish Pie (2004)
(Stain-Busting Mystery, book 2)
Sharon Short
"A hilarious one-of-a-kind mystery."
Keys to Death (2005)
(Booked for Travel)
Emily Toll
"A new mystery from Emily Toll is always reason to celebrate. A superb writer who entertains and mystifies with equal skill."
Invitation to Murder (2005)
(Card-making Mystery, book 1)
Elizabeth Bright
"Great fun."
Getting Old Is Murder (2005)
(Gladdy Gold, book 1)
Rita Lakin
"Gladdy Gold is a treasure, Miss Marple in Yiddish. Salty. Sassy. Sunny."
Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow (2006)
(Reigning Cats And Dogs, book 4)
Cynthia Baxter
"Five paws up for Cynthia Baxter's Reigning Cats and Dogs series!"
Under the Skin (2011)
(Elizabeth Goodweather Appalachian Mystery, book 6)
Vicki Lane
"Vicki Lane is a born storyteller in the finest tradition of Sharyn McCrumb."
Lowcountry Boil (2012)
(Liz Talbot Mystery, book 1)
Susan M Boyer
"Imaginative, empathetic, genuine, and fun."
Double Dog Dare (2013)
(Raine Stockton Dog Mystery, book 8)
Donna Ball
"Will delight mystery fans and Enchant dog lovers."
Cook the Books (2014)
(Scrappy Librarian Mystery, book 3)
Marion Moore Hill
"Mixes mystery, humor and literary nuggets. First rate and fun!"
Murder Gone A-Rye (2014)
(Baker's Treat Mystery, book 2)
Nancy J Parra
"[A] plucky protagonist."
Jingo Street (2014)
Sharon Ervin
"A passionate attraction, a wrenching denouement Jingo Street is a book to remember. Another first-rate title from Sharon Ervin."
How to Catch a Cat (2015)
(Cats and Curios, book 6)
Rebecca M Hale
"(This series) will delight mystery readers and elicit a purr from those who obey cats."
Murder Ties the Knot (2015)
(Haunted Souvenir, book 4)
Christy Fifield
"Appealing...A cantankerous parrot(and) a charming heroine."
Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall (2015)
(Honeychurch Hall, book 2)
Hannah Dennison
"The mistress of hilarious British mysteries fabulous fun."
No Cats Allowed (2016)
(Cat in the Stacks Mystery, book 7)
Miranda James
"Warm, charming, and Southern as the tastiest grits."
Grave Errors (2017)
(Witch City Mystery, book 5)
Carol J Perry
"Highly original and great fun. A triumph of imagination with twists and turns to delight readers."
Bel, Book, and Scandal (2017)
(Belfast McGrath Mystery, book 3)
Maggie McConnon
"Spirited, fun, and as Irish as a shamrock."
Til Death Do Us Party (2018)
(Liv And Di In Dixie Mystery, book 4)
Vickie Fee
"Down home and delightful."
Trouble On the Books (2019)
(Castle Bookshop Mystery, book 1)
Essie Lang
"When events turn dangerous in an old smuggling haunt, new bookseller and retired book editor Shelby Cox uses her editorial smarts to save the innocent and capture the guilty."

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