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Shae Ford was born and raised in a not-so-small town outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. She comes from a long line of storytellers, and has spent countless hours seated at the kitchen table: listening to the fisherman's tales, passionate political rants, and sidesplitting antics of her often-mischievous extended family. Her mother, who could always find room in the budget for a new book, has been the unwitting accomplice to several of Shae's minor classroom crimes -- from excessive doodling in the margins, to concealing the latest "Harry Potter" book beneath the pages of her algebra assignment. She has yet to be charged.

Shae holds a degree in English from Texas A&M University (Whoop!), where a creative writing class and an internship at Mays set her off on an adventure she will never forget.

Genres: Fantasy
Fate's Forsaken
   0.5. Poison (2016)
   1. Harbinger (2012)
   2. Slight and Shadow (2013)
   3. Dragonsbane (2014)
   4. Daybreak (2015)