Geraldine Halls

Australia (1919 - 1996)

aka Charlotte Jay, Geraldine Mary Jay

Charlotte Jay was the pseudonym adopted by Australian mystery writer and novelist, Geraldine Halls. One of the best and most singular authors of the suspense era, she wrote only nine crime books, but their unorthodoxy secured her a high place in Mystery Hall of Fame.

Genres: Mystery
   The Knife Is Feminine (1951) (as by Charlotte Jay)
   Beat Not The Bones (1952) (as by Charlotte Jay)
   The Fugitive Eye (1953) (as by Charlotte Jay)
   The Yellow Turban (1955) (as by Charlotte Jay)
   The Feast of the Dead (1956) (as by Geraldine Mary Jay)
     aka The Brink of Silence
   The Man Who Walked Away (1958) (as by Charlotte Jay)
     aka The Stepfather
   Arms for Adonis (1960) (as by Charlotte Jay)
   A Hank of Hair (1964) (as by Charlotte Jay)
   The Cats of Benares (1967)
   The Cobra Kite (1972)
   The Voice of the Crab (1974)
   The Last Summer of the Men Shortage (1976)
   The Felling of Thawle (1979)
   Talking to Strangers (1982)
   This Is My Friend's Chair (1995)
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