Ivy Hearne

Genres: Paranormal Romance
   Breathless (2018) (with Catherine Banks, B Brumley, Pauline Creeden, Ava Edwards and Emily Martha Sorensen)
   Tales Out Of School (2019) (with Skylar Andra, Deb Christie, Margo Bond Collins, Laura Greenwood, S K Gregory, Fionn Jameson, Melanie Karsak, Angela Kulig, Natasha Larry, B C Palm, B C Robinson, Marie Robinson, Angela M Sanders, Solo Storm and Arizona Tape)
   Most Ardently (2019) (with Sheena Austin, Nicole Natalie Bates, Susan Burdorf, Sophie Cohen, Margo Bond Collins, Marissa Guidara, Charlene Johnson, Debra-Ann Kummoung and Deborah E Pearson)
Series contributed to
Once Upon a Fairy Tale Night (with Skyler Andra, L A Boruff, Margo Bond Collins, Eli Constant, Laura Greenwood, Leigh Kelsey, Angela Kulig, S A McClure and C L Riley)
   Once Upon a Fairy Tale Night (2020)