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Kevin Hearne is a native of Arizona and really appreciates whoever invented air-conditioning. He graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and now teaches high school English. When he's not grading essays or writing novels, he tends to his basil plants and paints landscapes with his daughter. He has been known to obsess over fonts, frolic unreservedly with dogs, and stop whatever he's doing in the rare event of rain to commune with the precipitation. He enjoys hiking, the guilty pleasure of comic books, and living with his wife and daughter in a wee, snug cottage.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

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Kevin Hearne recommends
Dead Things (2013)
(Eric Carter, book 1)
Stephen Blackmoore
"Blackmoore can't write these books fast enough to suit me. Broken Souls is hyper-caffeinated, turbo-bloody, face-stomping fun. This is the L.A.-noir urban fantasy you've been looking for."
Charming (2013)
(Pax Arcana, book 1)
Elliott James
"LOVED IT! Charming is a giant gift basket of mythology and lore delivered by a brilliant new voice in urban fantasy."
The Plague Forge (2013)
(Dire Earth Cycle, book 3)
Jason M Hough
"A brilliant debut, full of compelling characters and thick with tension."
Dirty Magic (2014)
(Prospero's War, book 1)
Jaye Wells
"Kate Prospero is my new favourite heroine."
The Clockwork Dagger (2014)
(Clockwork Dagger, book 1)
Beth Cato
"Just what I needed: A steampunk adventure with an uncommon heroine, a fascinating magic system, and a young gremlin! I’m hooked and can’t wait for more."
River of Teeth (2017)
(River of Teeth, book 1)
Sarah Gailey
"Man-eating hippa mayhem is my new favorite mayhem. Gailey's debut is a gift of violent, unexpected glee."
Raising Fire (2017)
(Ben Garston, book 2)
James Bennett
"Will have you cheering for dragons over humans and loving every minute of it."
Foundryside (2018)
(Founders Trilogy, book 1)
Robert Jackson Bennett
"Inventive, immersive, and thrilling, Foundryside is a fascinating look at how our best intentions can be corrupted - and how wickedly awesome and terrifying gravity belts can be. Do yourself a favor and pick this up."
The Women's War (2019)
(Women's War, book 1)
Jenna Glass
"Secret magics! Secret passages! Systematic destruction of the patriarchy! The Women’s War is a thrilling and heartwrenching tale that explores the issue of body autonomy, with a middle-aged mom as the heroine. I couldn’t put it down. . . . Simply fabulous."
Gods of Jade and Shadow (2019)
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"Simultaneously heartbreaking and heart-mending, Gods of Jade and Shadow is a wondrous and magical tale about choosing our own path. I felt weepy and happy and hopeful when I finished - everything you want to feel at the end of a great story."
Bonds of Brass (2020)
(Bloodright Trilogy, book 1)
Emily Skrutskie
"Fast ships, quick decisions, a new friend who likes to blow stuff up, and a love story with empires at stake: This story's got it all."
The Bright and Breaking Sea (2020)
(Captain Kit Brightling, book 1)
Chloe Neill
"A heroine worth cheering for and some magic I wish I could tap into myself. Set sail with Captain Kit Brightling; you'll like the cut of this story's jib."
Aetherbound (2021)
E K Johnston
"I always enjoy found-family stories and the acceptance and love that Pendt finds in Aetherbound satisfies tremendously. Poignant themes surrounding bodily autonomy, human trafficking, and colonialism in space remind us that we must wrestle with these problems now. Looking forward to more adventures with Pendt the gene mage!"
Nothing But Blackened Teeth (2021)
Cassandra Khaw
"Khaw is a prose wizard who has quickly become an auto-buy for me. This story of a wedding at a malevolent manor is as unexpected and delightful as their poetic approach to horror, and I loved every sharp, delicious twist of it."
The Violence (2022)
Delilah S Dawson
"The Violence is Dawson at her best: unflinching yet empathetic, the brutal and the gentle side by side, rage and despair tempered with joy and hope."

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