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Karen J. Hasley grew up in America's heartland. College research into 17th-century female poets showed her the rich treasures in women's lives of the past, and in 2006 Karen's first novel, "Lily's Sister," hit the stands. The rest is - quite literally - history.
Do you recognize these American women? Jane Addams. Ida B. Wells-Barnett. Dr. Alice Hamilton. Dr. Kate W. Barrett. Donaldina Cameron. Gertrude Stein. Mary Cassatt. You'll find them all - and then some -in Karen's books, which intertwine the lives of fictional heroines and historical real-life women so closely and convincingly that you may need to check a history book to figure out which is which.
   Journey of the Heart (2017) (with Melissa Lynne Blue, Anne Carrole, Stacey Coverstone, Debora Dennis, Tanya Hanson, Linda LaRoque and Jacqui Nelson)