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Merrie Haskell was born on April 10, 1975. She has lived all over the state of Michigan, from Sault Ste. Marie to Ypsilanti, though she spent the majority of her childhood in Durham, North Carolina.

She returned north to the Residential College of the University of Michigan to earn a degree in biological anthropology.  She has worked at the Universitys library since she was a student in college, where she has variously opened mail for the acquisitions department (seamail from India is the best), recorded periodicals in the catalog, retrieved, photocopied and scanned journal articles at the 20-odd divisional libraries on campus (favorite library: Insects), managed electronic course reserves, overseen a non-profit, fee-based document delivery service, conducted library orientations for incoming freshmen, and gotten a lot of papercuts.  All of this was in the name of never returning to food serviceshe washed out of waitressing after two days, though did stick with fast food for one entire summer.

Merrie now lives in Saline, Michigan, with her husband, stepdaughter, and too many cats named for legendary characters.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy

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