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Michael Head is the author of the Threads of Fate series. He was severely injured while serving in the military, and used his time recovering to rediscover his love for books. After medically retiring, Michael went back to college to finish his degree and become a professor. When the coronavirus shut down his school, his wife encouraged him to finally take the leap and try writing his own books. He found his experience in combat allowed him to write detailed and realistic fight scenes. Those battles, combined with his attention to detail and ability to plan vast, elaborate, and comprehensive worlds, make for fast-paced and thrilling books. With, of course, the occasional touches of humor and sarcasm thrown in the mix.

He currently lives in Texas where his wife, who is still currently serving in the military, is stationed. His days are filled with hiding from their three daughters, two dogs, and three cats. He is also losing an ongoing war with the neighborhood squirrels, but he will continue to fight until the bitter end.

Genres: GameLit, Science Fiction
New and upcoming books
March 2024

(Wandering Warrior, book 2)
Threads of Fate
   1. Reincarnation (2021)
   2. Winter Trials (2021)
   3. Ocean of Tears (2021)
   4. Cenotaph of Bones (2022)
Wandering Warrior
   1. Judge (2023)
   2. Jury (2024)
   Legendary LitRPG (2022) (with others)

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