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John Ringo had visited 23 countries and attended 14 schools by the time he graduated high school. This left him with a wonderful appreciation of the oneness of humanity and a permanent aversion to foreign food. He chose to study marine biology and really liked it. Unfortunately the pay was for beans. So he turned to quality control database management, where the pay was much better. His highest hopes were to someday upgrade to SQL Server, at which point, he thought, his life would be complete. But then Fate took a hand: John has become a professional science fiction writer, and is in the early stages of becoming fabulously wealthy, which his publisher has assured him is the common lot of science fiction writers who write for Baen Books. In addition to his own enthusiastically received military SF series-A Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances, and now Hell's Faire-he is collaborating with New York Times best-selling author David Weber on a new SF adventure series: March Upcountry, March to the Sea, and March to the Stars, with more to come.

With his bachelor years spent in the airborne, cave diving, rock-climbing, rappelling, hunting, spear-fishing, and sailing, the author is now happy to let other people risk their necks. He prefers to write science fiction (both alone and in collaboration with David Weber) raise Arabian horses, dandle his kids and watch the grass grow. Someday he may even cut it. But not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe he'll just let the horses eat it.

Genres: Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Horror
New and upcoming books
April 2024

Beyond the Ranges
Legacy of the Aldenata
   1. A Hymn Before Battle (2000)
   2. Gust Front (2001)
   3. When the Devil Dances (2002)
   4. Hell's Faire (2003)
   5. The Hero (2004) (with Michael Z Williamson)
   6. Cally's War (2004) (with Julie Cochrane)
   7. Watch on the Rhine (2005) (with Tom Kratman)
   8. Yellow Eyes (2007) (with Tom Kratman)
   9. Sister Time (2007) (with Julie Cochrane)
   10. Honor of the Clan (2009) (with Julie Cochrane)
   11. Eye of the Storm (2009)
   12. The Tuloriad (2009) (with Tom Kratman)
Empire of Man (with David Weber)
   1. March Upcountry (2001)
   2. March to the Sea (2001)
   3. March to the Stars (2002)
   4. We Few (2005)
Council Wars
   1. There Will Be Dragons (2003)
   2. Emerald Sea (2004)
   3. Against the Tide (2005)
   4. East of the Sun, West of the Moon (2006)
Paladin of Shadows
   1. Ghost (2005)
   2. Kildar (2005)
   3. Choosers of the Slain (2006)
   4. Unto the Breach (2006)
   5. A Deeper Blue (2007)
   6. Tiger by the Tail (2013) (with Ryan Sear)
Looking Glass
   1. Into the Looking Glass (2005)
   2. Vorpal Blade (2007) (with Travis S Taylor)
   3. Manxome Foe (2008) (with Travis S Taylor)
   4. Claws That Catch (2008) (with Travis S Taylor)
Troy Rising
   1. Live Free or Die (2010)
   2. Citadel (2011)
   3. The Hot Gate (2011)
Monster Hunter Memoirs (with Larry Correia)
   1. Grunge (2016)
   2. Sinners (2016)
   3. Saints (2018)
   Von Neumann's War (2006) (with Travis S Taylor)
   The Last Centurion (2008)
   Beyond the Ranges (2024)
   Gunpowder & Embers (2019) (with Kacey Ezell and Christopher L Smith)
Anthologies edited
   Citizens (2010) (with Brian M Thomsen)
Series contributed to
   13. The Road to Damascus (2004) (with Linda Evans)
Clan of the Claw
   1. Exiled (2011) (with others)
Black Tide Rising
   1. Under a Graveyard Sky (2013)
   2. To Sail a Darkling Sea (2014)
   3. Islands of Rage and Hope (2014)
   4. Strands of Sorrow (2014)
   5. Black Tide Rising (2016) (with Gary Poole)
   6. The Valley of Shadows (2018) (with Mike Massa)
   7. Voices of the Fall (2019) (with Gary Poole)
   8. River of Night (2019) (with Mike Massa)
   11. We Shall Rise (2021) (with Gary Poole)
   12. United We Stand (2024) (with Gary Poole)
John Ringo recommends
Black Chamber (2018)
(Alternate World War, book 1)
S M Stirling
"The nice thing about getting a Steve Stirling book in the mail is that you know for a few hours you can fly on dreams of wonder, travelling to a world so much more than this angry reality."
Children No More (2010)
(Jon and Lobo, book 4)
Mark L Van Name
"He's going to be the guy to beat in the race to the top of SFdom."
Warp Speed (2004)
(Warp Speed, book 1)
Travis S Taylor
"Reads like Doc Smith writing Robert Ludlum; beautiful, vivacious female astronauts, sterling-hearted redneck scientists and evil mercenaries bent upon galaxy-wide conquest. You won't want to put it down. FLUBELLS AWAY!""
A State of Disobedience (2003)
Tom Kratman
"Probably the most realistic depiction of a second American Revolution ever written."

Anthologies containing stories by John Ringo
The Monster Hunter Files (2017)
(Monster Hunter International)
edited by
Larry Correia and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

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