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Patti Hill is married to Mr. Wonderful, AKA Dennis, and lives in western Colorado, where the mountains are truly red and wear crew cuts. She has two grown sons who do her proud on a daily basis, but they live too far away. When not writing, Patti is happy gardening, hiking, reading, and hanging with friends and family. She is not happy cleaning toilets, sorting through the mail, or emptying her email inbox. Ack!

She is the author of six novels. Some would call them inspirational; she just can't imagine the universe without a loving Papa God standing nearby, so she writes with that perspective in her novels. They aren't preachy but a keyhole view into the lives of characters who believe and/or wrestle with their faith.

Her first three novels (Like a Watered Garden, Always Green, and In Every Flower) will be re-released as Kindle books on June 12, 2013. The Queen of Sleepy Eye, Seeing Things, and Goodness & Mercy are all available as Kindle books and paperbacks.

Genres: Inspirational
Non fiction