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Michael Robotham

Australia (b.1960)

Before writing full-time he was an investigative journalist in Britain, Australia and the US. He is the pseudonymous author of 10 best-selling non-fiction titles, involving prominent figures in the military, the arts, sport, and science. He lives in Sydney with his wife and 3 daughters.

Genres: Mystery
Joseph O'Loughlin
   1. The Suspect (2004)
   2. Lost (2005)
     aka The Drowning Man
   3. Shatter (2008)
     aka The Sleep of Reason
   4. Bleed for Me (2010)
   5. The Wreckage (2011)
   6. Say You're Sorry (2012)
   7. Watching You (2013)
   8. Close Your Eyes (2015)
   9. The Other Wife (2018)
Non fiction
Dagger Awards Best Book winner (2015) : Life or Death
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2016) : Life or Death
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2016) : Life or Death
Macavity Awards Best Book nominee (2016) : Life or Death
Dagger Awards Best Book winner (2020) : Good Girl, Bad Girl
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2020) : Good Girl, Bad Girl

Michael Robotham recommends
Sorry (2011)
Zoran Drvenkar
"Shocking, compelling, disturbing - there are many apologies in Sorry, but lovers of the dark side will have no regrets."
The Dry (2016)
(Aaron Falk, book 1)
Jane Harper
"You will feel the heat, taste the dust and blink into the glare. The Dry is a wonderful crime novel that shines a light into the darkest corner of a sunburnt country."
The Second Girl (2016)
(Frank Marr, book 1)
David Swinson
"Like the very best of classic crime writing, The Second Girl made me want to read faster and slower at the same time. Now I want David Swinson to write faster."
The Devil's Half Mile (2018)
(Lawless New York, book 1)
Paddy Hirsch
"A tense, violent and atmospheric crime thriller set in 1799 when the white-collar criminals carried switchblades and human lives were traded like sacks of grain."
River of Salt (2019)
Dave Warner
"Part Goodfellas and part love letter to Australian coastal towns, this wonderfully imagined crime novel is like riding the perfect wave."
The Night Letters (2020)
Denise Leith
"Full of wonderful prose and with a stunning sense of place, The Night Letters is a story of love, betrayal, corruption and friendship. It made me weep and cheer."
The Last Guests (2021)
J P Pomare
"Reading JP Pomare is like watching a magic trick. While you focus on his hands, you fail to see what’s really happening right in front of your eyes, or behind you, or outside your window."

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