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Joan Hohl

USA flag (b.1935)

aka Amii Lorin, Paula Roberts

Joan Hohl was born on June 13, 1935. For as long as she can remember, Joanhas always wanted to be a writer. Her mother said Joan had her head in theclouds, always daydreaming. The only thing was, Joan's daydreams had plots!Thinking herself audacious for even considering joining the ranks of herheroes -- the authors -- she never put her ideas, or dreams, into words, nevermade notes or wrote anything down.

Joan worked at several jobs -- nothing remotely close to a career -- somesales clerking, but primarily factory work, because that paid better. Shemarried with Marv and had two daugthers, Lori and Amy.

Then when she turned 40, Joan experienced a definite turning point in herlife. Deciding that at her advanced age she could handle rejection, hadnothing to lose and by some miracle, possibly much to gain if only in selfsatisfaction, she quit her job. With no employment, but her decision firm,she sat down at her kitchen table with pencils and a spiral notebook and lether imagination take wing.

Joan achieved her impossible dream three years, and many rejections, aftershe began writing. Her first book sale was to Vivian Stephens at DellPublishing. A few weeks later she received a call from an editor at LeisureBooks, with an offer for a manuscript she had previously submitted to otherhouses...and believed was dead-in-the-publishing-waters, so to speak. Thesecond sale was the first one to be published, in 1979 as Paula Roberts,later she used the pseudonym Amii Lorin, one combination of her daughtersnames: Amy and Lori. Her first ten books were written longhand at herkitchen table. As she wasn't a typist, she paid one to transcribe herhandwritten manuscripts before biting the bullet and going to the typewriterherself to hunt and pick her way through future stories. Some years later,Joan sold a formally rejected, completed manuscript to Silhouette Books... andfound a home. She is considered by many in the business a trailblazer insensuous romance writing, and having been one of the first, if not thefirst, author to write male point of view in category romance novels. Manyof her books are set in her beloved Pennsylvania, by an ocean, any ocean,but usually along the South Jersey coast or the West, with its mythicWestern heroes.

Joan lives with her husband, Marv, in eastern Pennsylvania. Now theirdaughters, Lori and Amy, are two beautiful woman, and they has twograndchildren, Erica and Cammeron. Now, more than 25 years after her firstpublication and 60 some books (she now no longer keeps exact count), Joan isstill writing one to two books a year as Joan Hohl, although she laughinglytells everyone she is semi-retired! She has one question: Does she have acareer yet?

Genres: Romance
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Men of Summer (1988) (with Kathleen Eagle and Barbara Faith)
The Best of Joan Hohl: Tawny Gold Man/Morning Rose,Evening Savage (1989)
The Best of Joan Hohl: While the Fire Rages/the Game Is Played (1989)
Christmas Classics (1989) (with Emilie Richards)
A Christmas Collection (1992) (with Stella Cameron, Loretta Chase and Linda Lael Miller)
1993 Silhouette Christmas Stories (1993) (with Lisa Jackson and Emilie Richards)
Silhouette Christmas Stories 1993 (1993) (with Lucy Gordon, Lisa Jackson and Emilie Richards)
Love Beyond Time (1994) (with Bobby Hutchinson, Evelyn Rogers and Bobbi Smith)
Summer Sizzlers 1996 (1996) (with Kathleen Eagle and Barbara Faith)
A Family Christmas (1997) (with Elizabeth Bevarly and Marilyn Pappano)
A Daddy Again (1998) (with Dixie Browning and Dorothy Glenn (Dorothy Garlock))
Texas Gold / California Copper / Nevada Silver (1998)
Never Say Never (1999)
Beauty and the Beast (2000) (with Bethany Campbell, Janice Kaiser and Lass Small)
Carried Away (2000) (with Kasey Michaels)
Tempting the Boss (2001) (with Leanne Banks)
Winter Loving (2001) (with Diana Palmer)
Delivered by Christmas (2002) (with Linda Howard and Sandra Steffen)
Winter Nights (2002) (with Rebecca Brandewyne, Ginna Gray and Ann Major)
Double Exposure / Playing Games / The Gift of Joy (2005) (with Dianne Drake and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
A Man Apart / Hot to the Touch (2006) (with Jennifer Greene)
Maverick / Playboy's Passionate Pursuit (2008) (with Emilie Rose)
MD's Mistress / Moneyman's Seduction (2009) (with Leslie LaFoy)
One-Click Buy: November 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Michelle Celmer, Maureen Child and Brenda Jackson)
Her Kind of Man (2009) (with Justine Davis and Debbie Macomber)
In the Arms of the Rancher / His Vienna Christmas Bride (2010) (with Jan Colley)
Date With a Cowboy (2013) (with Mary Lynn Baxter and Diana Palmer)
Beguiling the Boss / A Trap So Tender (2013) (with Jennifer Lewis)
Bedded By The Boss (2016) (with Jennifer Lewis and Yvonne Lindsay)
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