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Pauline Holdstock is a British-Canadian novelist, essayist and short fiction writer with a focus on historical fiction.Born and raised in England, she came to Canada in 1974, and resides in Victoria, British Columbia.
Series contributed to
2. Complete Collection 2 (2014) (with Laure Baudot, Nancy Branch, Michael Bryson, Kayt Burgess, Andrew Forbes, Kirsty Logan, Courtney McDermott and Jessica Westhead)
4. FPQ 4 (2011) (with Andrew Forbes, Lee Kvern and Grace O'Connell)
6. FPQ 6 (2013) (with Kirsty Logan, Courtney McDermott and Marielle Mondon)
Complete Collection 1 (2011) (with Caroline Adderson, Cynthia Flood, Danny Goodman, Lee Kvern, Kirsty Logan, Dave Margoshes, Don McLellan, Maria Meindl and Grace O'Connell)
Non fiction
Pauline Holdstock recommends
Sympathy (2006)
Dede Crane
"At a time when the need for compassion and understanding in the world has never been more pressing, this is a book to hold close to the heart."