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A former police reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Michael Connelly is the internationally bestselling author of the Harry Bosch thriller series. The TV tie-in series - Bosch - is one of the most watched original series on Amazon Prime and is now in its third season. He is also the author of several bestsellers and has been President of the Mystery Writers of America. His books have been translated into thirty-nine languages and have won awards all over the world, including the Edgar and Anthony Awards. He spends his time in California and Florida.

Genres: Mystery
Harry Bosch
   1. The Black Echo (1992)
   2. The Black Ice (1993)
   3. The Concrete Blonde (1994)
   4. The Last Coyote (1995)
   5. Trunk Music (1997)
   6. Angels Flight (1998)
   7. A Darkness More Than Night (2000)
   8. City Of Bones (2002)
   9. Lost Light (2003)
   10. The Narrows (2004)
   11. The Closers (2005)
   12. Echo Park (2006)
   13. The Overlook (2007)
   14. 9 Dragons (2009)
   14.5. Suicide Run (2011)
   15. The Drop (2011)
   15.5. Angle of Investigation (2011)
   16. The Black Box (2012)
   16.5. Switchblade (2014)
   17. The Burning Room (2014)
   18. The Crossing (2015)
   19. The Wrong Side of Goodbye (2016)
   19.5. Blue on Black (2016)
   20. Two Kinds of Truth (2017)
   21. Dark Sacred Night (2018)
   22. The Night Fire (2019)
   23. The Dark Hours (2021)
   24. Desert Star (2022)
   Hieronymus Bosch: A Mysterious Profile (2022)
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (1993) : The Black Echo
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (1995) : The Concrete Blonde
Dilys Awards Best Book winner (1996) : The Last Coyote
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (1997) : The Poet
Dilys Awards Best Book winner (1997) : The Poet
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (1998) : Trunk Music
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (1999) : Blood Work
Dagger Awards Best Book nominee (1999) : Angels Flight
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (1999) : Blood Work
Macavity Awards Best Novel winner (1999) : Blood Work
Dagger Awards Best Novel nominee (2002) : City Of Bones
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (2003) : City Of Bones
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2003) : City Of Bones
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2003) : City Of Bones
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2006) : The Lincoln Lawyer
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2006) : The Lincoln Lawyer
Macavity Awards Best Novel winner (2006) : The Lincoln Lawyer
Shamus Awards Best Novel winner (2006) : The Lincoln Lawyer
The Richard and Judy Best Read of the Year Best Book nominee (2006) : The Lincoln Lawyer
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (2009) : The Brass Verdict
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2012) : The Drop
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2017) : The Wrong Side of Goodbye
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2018) : The Late Show
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2018) : The Late Show
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2019) : Dark Sacred Night

Michael Connelly recommends
The Innocents (1995)
(Wil Hardesty, book 1)
Richard Barre
"A gripping story that opens doors on an intriguing world of mystery, deceit and murder."
The Concrete River (1996)
(Jack Liffey, book 1)
John Shannon
"The Concrete River is my kind of L.A. novel - hard as nails with a soft spot in the middle... a tough and engaging story."
An Educated Death (1997)
(Thea Kozak, book 4)
Kate Flora
"Kate Flora does what all great writers do, she takes you inside unfamiliar territory and makes you feel right at home."
Eleven Days (1998)
(Carl Houseman, book 1)
Donald Harstad
"A hell of a novel... gripping and unsettling."
Cows (1998)
(Little House on the Bowery, book 1)
Matthew Stokoe
"Beautifully written and deeply gripping, this is a great read. I'm already looking forward to the next one from Matthew Stokoe."
No Offense Intended (1999)
(Munch Mancini, book 2)
Barbara Seranella
"Wonderful... You can't help but take Munch Mancini - and this book - to heart."
The Poster Boy (1999)
Stephen Solomita
"This is old-fashioned story-telling at its best."
In a Dry Season (1999)
(Inspector Banks, book 10)
Peter Robinson
"A wonderful novel."
The Final Detail (1999)
(Myron Bolitar, book 6)
Harlan Coben
"Harlan Coben. He's smart, he's funny, and he has something to say."
Catch Me (1999)
(Jay Fletcher, book 2)
A J Holt (Christopher Hyde)
"A. J. Holt draws tension with the skill of a surgeon."
The Jook (1999)
Gary Phillips
"Gary Phillips wries tough and gritty parables about life and death on the mean streets."
Stone Quarry (1999)
(Bill Smith, Lydia Chin, book 6)
S J Rozan
"STONE QUARRY is S. J. Rozan at her best... the tension and intrigue never let up. She constantly has you looking over your shoulder into the dark."
Blindsided (2000)
(Jane Candiotti, book 2)
Clyde Phillips
"Moves with the speed of a bullet and has more twists and turns than the streets of San Francisco."
1st to Die (2001)
(Women's Murder Club, book 1)
James Patterson
"Patterson boils a scene down to the single, telling detail, the element that defines a character or moves a plot along. It's what fires off the movie projector in the reader's mind."
In a True Light (2001)
John Harvey
"John Harvey writes the way we all wish we could write. Elegiac and eloquent, his stories filled with the blood of true character."
The Blue Edge of Midnight (2002)
(Max Freeman, book 1)
Jonathon King
"...full of true character and jagged surprises."
Exposure (2002)
Alan Russell
"Alan Russell is in rare form with Exposure."
Kisscut (2002)
(Grant County, book 2)
Karin Slaughter
"This is crime fiction at its finest."
The Smoke (2002)
(Jethro, book 1)
Tony Broadbent
"More than a page-turner... I was enthralled."
Sweet Dream Baby (2002)
Sterling Watson
"Sweet Dream Baby is a beautiful book. Sterling Watson is surehanded and telling in a story that is elegiac as it is gripping."
Scavenger Hunt (2003)
(Jimmy Gage, book 2)
Robert Ferrigno
"I never miss a book by Robert Ferrigno."
Flesh and Blood: Guilty As Sin (2003)
Max Allan Collins and Jeff Gelb
"This is the stuff of literary Viagra."
Screwball (2003)
David Ferrell
"This book sneaks up on America, where winning is everything, and bites it on the seat of the pants. It is dark satire at its best."
Sucker Bet (2003)
(Tony Valentine, book 3)
James Swain
"Sucker Bet is wonderful... a cast of characters that would make Elmore Leonard's mouth water."
Deadlight (2003)
(Faraday and Winter, book 4)
Graham Hurley
"A great british police procedural. Faraday is a fine creation."
To the Bone (2003)
(Carroll Monks, book 3)
Neil McMahon
"Neil McMahon's thrillers have the precision of a surgeon's scalpel."
The Con Man's Daughter (2003)
Ed Dee
"Ed Dee is the real deal."
Crossing the Line (2004)
(Antonio Burns, book 4)
Clinton McKinzie
"Clinton McKinzie delivers a story pulsing with intrigue and character that is as poetic as it is harrowing."
Missing Justice (2004)
(Samantha Kincaid, book 2)
Alafair Burke
"She's got what it takes."
A Taint in the Blood (2004)
(Kate Shugak, book 14)
Dana Stabenow
"Kate Shugak is the answer if you are looking for something unique in the crowded field of crime fiction."
The James Deans (2005)
(Moe Prager, book 3)
Reed Farrel Coleman
"Moe Prager is my kind of private eye."
Immoral (2005)
(Jonathan Stride, book 1)
Brian Freeman
"A page-turner of the highest calibre. It has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end."
Cold Blooded (2005)
(Detective McQueen, book 2)
Robert J Randisi
"Robert Randisi is a master of the genre. He's one of the best."
The Broken Shore (2005)
(Broken Shore, book 1)
Peter Temple
"The Broken Shore by Peter Temple is a great discovery... I was fully taken in by this book."
Speak of the Devil (2006)
(Fritz Malone, book 1)
Richard Hawke
"From first line to last, Speak of the Devil moves with a rare combination of intrigue and intensity. Its engine runs on high octane adrenalin. Richard Hawke delivers a winner."
Before I Wake (2006)
Robert J Wiersema
"A stunning debut . . .original, thought-provoking, and downright wonderful."
Flesh and Blood (2006)
(John Jordan Mystery)
Michael Lister
"Michael Lister may be the author of the most unique series running in mystery fiction."
Cruel Poetry (2007)
Vicki Hendricks
"I loved this book. It's a private ticket into a secret world of desire and sex and the raw edge between them."
City of Fire (2007)
(Lena Gamble, book 1)
Robert Ellis
"City of Fire is my kind of crime novel. Gritty, tight and assured."
A Welcome Grave (2007)
(Lincoln Perry, book 3)
Michael Koryta
"For a while now, Michael Koryta has been called one of the rising young talents in crime fiction. I say enough of that. A Welcome Grave proves the promise. Koryta is one of the best of the best, plain and simple. With stories like this, his Lincoln Perry is going to be around for a long, long time."
Ghosttown (2007)
(Whitney Logan Mystery, book 3)
Mercedes Lambert
"For these characters, one book was not enough, now we have three and I still feel shorted. After this I will miss Whitney and Lupe and the strange, wonderful people they encounter. I will miss them for a long, long time."
Blood Rose (2007)
(Clare Hart, book 2)
Margie Orford
"Margie Orford has nailed it. Blood Rose is wonderfully crafted and fully engrossing. It's a book that stays with you, even after the last page is turned."
Jack Wakes Up (2008)
(Jack Palms Crime, book 1)
Seth Harwood
"Jack Wakes Up rocks! It's a fast, smooth ride on a highway not found on any map."
Burn Zone (2008)
(Alex Duarte, book 2)
James O Born
"Alex Duarte is my kind of cop. I hope he sticks around for a long, long, time."
Shakedown (2008)
(Jack Davis Mystery, book 1)
Joel Goldman
"Locked and loaded and full of the blood of character and the gritty detail that make up the truth - I loved it."
Quiver (2008)
Peter Leonard
"With its clever plotting and blood-and-guts characters, Quiver will certainly put Peter Leonard on the map. This is the start of something special."
Blackbird Fly (2009)
(Bennett Sisters, book 1)
Lise McClendon
"Lise McClendon expertly probes the mystery of human desires."
Vengeance Road (2009)
(Jack Gannon, book 1)
Rick Mofina
"Vengeance Road is a thriller with no speed limit! It's a great read!"
Cemetery Road (2009)
Gar Anthony Haywood
"A powerful novel. Beginning to end, it never loses its grip... The book is a wonderful achievement."
Print the Legend (2010)
(Hector Lassiter, book 8)
Craig McDonald
"Ingeniously plotted and executed, Print the Legend is an epic masterpiece from Craig McDonald. Beginning to end, I was riveted by this story of character, history and intrigue."
The Perfect Woman (2010)
(John Stallings, book 1)
James Andrus
"This book moves with a deadly speed and the assured hand of a writer who knows his stuff."
Eyes of the Innocent (2011)
(Carter Ross Mystery, book 2)
Brad Parks
"This book held me hostage until the last page."
The Ranger (2011)
(Quinn Colson, book 1)
Ace Atkins
"One of the best crime writers at work today."
Children of the Street (2011)
(Darko Dawson, book 2)
Kwei Quartey
"Searing and original and done just right... Inspector Darko Dawson is relentless, and I look forward to riding with him again."
Triple Crossing (2011)
(Valentine Pescatore, book 1)
Sebastian Rotella
"Full of dangers... deep characters, and a story writ on a grand scale."
To Kill a Queen (2012)
(Thorn Savage NYPD, book 5)
John Mackie
"To John Mackie, Harry Bosch would go through a door with you anytime, anywhere!."
The Paris Deadline (2012)
Max Byrd
"This is storytelling at its very best."
Palmetto Blood (2012)
(Jack Connor Mystery, book 1)
Reed Bunzel
"A winner. It sweeps you in with intrigue and authority and never lets you go. I want to go riding with Jack Connor again."
Point Doom (2013)
Dan Fante
"If writing is fighting, then Dan Fante goes fifteen rounds and stays standing."
The King (2013)
(Bowers Files, book 7)
Steven James
"I need to read more of Steven James."
Phoenix Cold Cases Box set (2013)
(David Mapstone Mystery)
Jon Talton
The Disposables (2014)
(Bruno Johnson, book 1)
David Putnam
"I really loved The Disposables. It's raw, powerful and eloquent. It's a gritty street poem recited by a voice unalterably committed to redemption and doing the right thing in a wrong world. I'll be first in line for the next one from David Putnam."
The Ways of the Dead (2014)
(Sully Carter, book 1)
Neely Tucker
"The Ways of the Dead is a great read. Deep characters, pitch perfect dialogue and a plot with as many curves as the Rock Creek Parkway as it moves through the side of Washington D.C. far away from the Smithsonian. Neely Tucker takes this novel up an even further notch with a story framed around the hot button issues of our time, including race, justice and the media. If this is Tucker's first novel, I can't wait for what's coming next."
Empty Rooms (2014)
(Krebbs and Robey Casefiles, book 1)
Jeffrey J Mariotte
"A searing, no holds barred journey into darkness..."
Canary (2015)
Duane Swierczynski
"A great storyteller."
The Plea (2016)
(Eddie Flynn, book 2)
Steve Cavanagh
"Expertly combines his authority on the law with an absolutely great thrill ride."
Fake (2016)
(Finn Teller Corporate Spy, book 1)
Twist Phelan
"Full of character and good storytelling."
Shining City (2017)
(Peter Rena, book 1)
Tom Rosenstiel
"Amazing...Pulses with momentum...A debut that will be remembered for years."
The Catalina Eddy (2017)
Daniel Pyne
"Pyne flips all the standards upside-down with Catalina Eddy and in the process delivers a classic California noir - times three. This is Pyne’s masterpiece. I guarantee no reader will go wanting."
Safe (2017)
Ryan Gattis
"SAFE is a propulsive thriller that confirms Ryan Gattis as one of our most gifted novelists. The book has unstoppable momentum yet is as finely layered and detailed with the gritty truth of life and the streets as I've ever read. It shoots you down a path that is fraught with surprise and insight, and you can't ask for more than that."
The Dark Intercept (2017)
(Dark Intercept, book 1)
Julia Keller
"Julia Keller is a beautiful writer."
Wonder Valley (2017)
Ivy Pochoda
"Destined to be a classic L.A. novel."
The Undertaker's Daughter (2018)
(Family Secrets , book 1)
Sara Blædel
"One of the best I've come across."
The Escape Artist (2018)
(Zig and Nola, book 1)
Brad Meltzer
"THE ESCAPE ARTIST is a slingshot of a novel. Brad Meltzer expertly pulls it back and lets it go, propelling the unlikeliest of heroes forward in a high stakes, high tension thriller that never lets you catch your breath. My advice: Buckle up!"
Last Ferry Home (2018)
(Michael O'Higgins, book 1)
Kent Harrington
"No one writes about the heart of darkness like Kent Harrington."
Body On the Backlot (2018)
(Red Carpet Noir, book 1)
Eva Montealegre
"Montealegre knows the secret, the best crime novels are not only about how a cop works on a case, but how a case works on a cop. Detective Joan Lambert is a refreshing new character and I'd like to see more."
The President is Missing (2018)
Bill Clinton and James Patterson
"This book moves like Air Force One. Big and fast."
Too Far (2018)
Jason Starr
"The ultimate page-turner."
Miraculum (2019)
Steph Post
"Steph Post's stories carry a dark pulse that keeps the perfect beat in a world where people put everything they've got on the line."
The Night Agent (2019)
Matthew Quirk
"This story is impossible to put out of mind.... Relevant and revealing, this is one of the best thrillers to come along in years."
My Detective (2019)
(Sam Carver, book 1)
Jeffrey Fleishman
"From the first page My Detective moves as smooth as a bullet train through the shadowy world of night. Its hypnotic prose and scintillating characters guarantee that once you're on board you'll be riding this one to the end."
Lost Tomorrows (2019)
(Rick Cahill, book 6)
Matt Coyle
"Rick Cahill ascends to the top ranks of the classic private eyes."
Lost Hills (2020)
(Eve Ronin, book 1)
Lee Goldberg
"Lost Hills is Lee Goldberg at his best. Inspired by the real-world grit and glitz of LA County crime, this book takes no prisoners. And neither does Eve Ronin. Take a ride with her and you’ll find yourself with a heroine for the ages. And you’ll be left hoping for more."
Purgatory Bay (2020)
(Bleak Harbor, book 2)
Bryan Gruley
"Purgatory Bay is a knockout! Bryan Gruley has populated this eerie story with a cast of characters who range from menacing to heroic and together create a whirlwind of momentum that makes this one impossible to put down."
The Chill (2020)
Scott Carson
"Horror has a new name and it’s Scott Carson. The Chill is an eerie dive into the murky depths of the supernatural. A story that has you looking back over your shoulder on every page."
Line of Sight (2020)
(Line of Sight, book 1)
James Queally
"LINE OF SIGHT signals the start of a great career. Veteran journalist James Queally brings all his insider knowledge of the intersections of crime and police and politics and media in a story that never stands still for a single page. It’s an amazing first novel."
21 Immortals (2020)
(Inspector Mislan, book 1)
Rozlan Mohd Noor
"With 21 Immortals, Rozlan Mohd Noor proves that a great character can be found anywhere on the globe. Undaunted and determined, Inspector Mislan Latif is my kind of detective. Harry Bosch would ride shotgun with him anytime."
Trust (2020)
(Martin Scarsden, book 3)
Chris Hammer
"Chris Hammer is a great writer-a leader in Australian noir."
A Blind Eye (2021)
(Jack Paris , book 3)
George Fong
"Deftly written and propulsive, this novel takes the reader on a you-are-there journey that never slows down."
Razorblade Tears (2021)
S A Cosby
"Razorblade Tears is superb. No doubt, S. A. Cosby is not only the future of crime fiction but of any fiction where the words are strong, the characters are strong and the story has a resonance that cuts right to the heart of the most important questions of our times."
Clark and Division (2021)
(Japantown Mystery, book 1)
Naomi Hirahara
"A beautifully written novel. A telling and touching story that echoes across the decades. Naomi Hirahara uses the past to inspire us to be relentless in doing the right thing, right now."
The Last Mona Lisa (2021)
Jonathan Santlofer
"Oh, what a web Jonathan Santlofer weaves...The Last Mona Lisa brings together past and present, seasons it with intriguing characters, and brushes it with plot twists that you don't see coming to create an unstoppable what-happens-next momentum. Santlofer has outdone himself this time."
Mecca (2022)
Susan Straight
"Mecca is a masterpiece. So elegant and beautiful, but muscled with the blood of the past--and its echoes to all things--in a sun-bleached future. Susan Straight conjures the dusty back roads and arroyos of a California where destiny is as fraught as the desert flowers on the side of the 10 freeway. This is a wonderful book."
Bad Day Breaking (2022)
(Bad Axe County Mysteries, book 4)
John Galligan
"Eloquent prose...smooth, unexpected, memorable."
Everybody Knows (2023)
Jordan Harper
"EVERYBODY KNOWS rages through the City of Angels like a broken-dam flood. It's got it all, but most of all it's got deep insight. It's the book everybody's been waiting for."
Central Park West (2023)
James Comey
"Central Park West is a great read. Brimming with been-there-done-that authority, it's clear James Comey knows this world like the back of his hand. And he delivers it with the addictive style of an expert storyteller."

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