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R J Harlick

Described by the Ottawa Citizen as "one of the brightest new voices in the mystery business", Canadian writer R.J. Harlick writes the compelling Meg Harris Mystery series set in the wilds of western Quebec, where, she likes to say, lakes out number people a thousand to one and trees, a million to one. In this series, R.J. interweaves the seductive allure of this wilderness with the tensions between the people that share it, English Canadians, Québécois and the Algonquin First Nation.

Called the Tony Hillerman of the North, her series, with its underlying native theme, explores the traditional ways of the Algonquin and other First Nations and the issues facing them today. While her heroine Meg Harris spends much of her time at Three Deer Point, an isolated wilderness property she inherited from her Great Aunt Agatha, she often travels to other Canadian wildernesses, where she finds herself embroiled in solving yet another murder and in so doing gets to know the people who inhabit the unique wilderness.

Arctic Blue Death was a finalist in the 2010 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel. The Globe and Mail named Silver Totem of Shame one of the top ten 2014 summer reads.