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An anthology of stories edited by

Includes: "Something New Under the Sun" essay by Robin Scott Wilson; "The Prize of Wonder" essay by Robert Hoskins; "The Balloon-Hoax" (1844) by Edgar Allan Poe; "Flatland: Two Excerpts" (1884) by Edwin A. Abbott; "Moxon's Master" (1909) by Ambrose Bierce; "The Land Ironclads" (1903) by H. G. Wells; "With the Night Mail" (1905) by Rudyard Kipling; "The Machine Stops" (1909) by E. M. Forster; ""The Unparalleled Invasion" (1910) by Jack London; "The Disintegration Machine" [Professor Challenger] (1929) by Arthur Conan Doyle; "Metropolitan Nightmare" (1927) poem by Stephen Vincent Benét; "Nightmare Number Three" (1935) poem by Stephen Vincent Benét; "Killdozer!" (1944) by Theodore Sturgeon; "Surface Tension" (1952) by James Blish.

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