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The Masters of War

(The ninth book in the Human Chronicles series)
A novel by

From international bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris comes BOOK #9 in his Epic saga of Human Superiority throughout the galaxy:

The Human Chronicles Saga - The Masters of War.

Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude...

At long last, the space opera adventures of Adam Cain and his Human Supermen continue.

This is Book #9 in The Human Chronicles Saga and presents our heroes with a whole new set of challenges as large as the galaxy itself. The Master of War is classic Adam Cain, full of thrilling chases across exotic alien landscapes, through spectacular stellar environments and fights against a while new menagerie of alien creatures. There's an abundance of street-wise humor, plot twists, and fantastic victories that will have you laughing and fist-pumping from beginning to The End.

The adventure continues in the on-going epic saga of The Human Chronicles, where Humans are the Supermen of the galaxy and we engage in the constant need to educate all the aliens we encounter this one simple lesson: You Don't Mess The Humans!

And now in...
The Masters of War

Adam Cain has pursued his nemesis Nigel McCarthy to the Milky Way's sister galaxy - The Large Magellanic Cloud - using the revolutionary technology of the concentrated-array gravity-drive, allowing the trip to be made in as little as nine months. This is virgin territory for the Humans - an entire galaxy that knows nothing of the special abilities of the people from Earth.

Of course when this happens, aliens have a tendency to upset Humans with their 'alien ways,' often resulting is cracked skulls and a desperate need for an ample supply of body bag.

Adam's troubles begin with his very first planetfall in this new galaxy, when a coalition of aliens band together to steal Adam's starship - The Pegasus - so they can learn the secrets of his exotic gravity drive. Without his ship, Adam can't complete his mission - that of eliminating the evil Nigel McCarthy once and for all. So it's no-holes-barred action as Adam does what it takes to get his ship back, leaving a trail of lasting impressions behind him as only Adam Cain can do. Let's just say, name of Adam Cain will never be forgotten, even in this second galaxy.

Yet Adam's mission is further complicated when another old enemy shows up - the former leader of the Expansion Kroekus of Silea. The alien has come to The Cloud to fulfill his desire for power and control in a galaxy that's defenseless against the forces from the Milky Way. It's a study in political intrigue, tactics and strategies,
and how an entire galaxy can be thrust into war by a few individuals with universal-size ambitions.

Will Adam stop the war, bring Kroekus to justice and kill McCarthy, or are the challenges too much even for him?

Well, you'll have to read the book to find out....

This is Book #9 of the series, and just the latest installment in a saga which will continues for many more books to come. The fans of Adam Cain have demanded it.

The Human Chronicles Saga is a MUST-READ for all fans of pure science fiction. Pick up the entire series today ... and find out why this thrill-a-minute collection of space opera adventures has become one of the bestselling sci-fi series on Amazon over the past two years.
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