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Mike Cobley was born in Leicester and has lived in Scotland since the age of seven. Although the Scottish cultural heritage informs much of his own outlook (egalitarian, argumentative yet amiable, and able to appreciate rain), he thinks of himself as a citizen of the world.

While studying engineering at Strathclyde University, he discovered the joys and risks of student life and pursued a sideline career as a DJ, possibly to the detriment of his studies. The heady round of DJ'ing, partying and student gigs palled eventually, but by then his interests had been snagged by an encounter with Pirsig's 'Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance' which led him off on a philosophical and political odyssey which continues to this day.

The desire to write had its first burgeoning when he was 20/21, resulting in the creation of a short fantasy novel (that has never seen the light of day!). He later wrote a string of articles/rants for the campus paper at Strathclyde University under the pen-name Phaedrus, at the same time as he began writing short stories. Mike harbour much affection for the short story form, but has had little opportunity to write them since beginning work on the Shadowkings trilogy.

The 1st 2 volumes of the trilogy - Shadowkings and Shadowgod - have been published by Simon & Schuster's now-defunct imprint Earthlight, and the 3rd part - Shadowmasque - will be published by Simon & Schuster-Pocket at the end of 2004. Mike has a number of ideas and concepts for his next big project but they're being kept on the backburner for the time being. The publication of Iron Mosaic will be a personal milestone for him, as well as a showcase of the topics and techiques which have intrigued him since the publication of his first short story back in 1986. And just recently, he has had appeared in the Thackery T Lambshead Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases, with a monologue upon the malady known as 'Parabubozygosia', which is not for the faint-hearted!

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Shadowkings Trilogy
   1. ShadowKings (2001)
   2. ShadowGod (2003)
   3. ShadowMasque (2005)
Humanity's Fire
   1. Seeds of Earth (2009)
   2. The Orphaned Worlds (2010)
   3. The Ascendant Stars (2011)
   4. Ancestral Machines (2016)
   5. Splintered Suns (2018)
   Iron Mosaic (2004)
Anthologies edited
Michael Cobley recommends
Artefact (2015)
(Lazarus War, book 1)
Jamie Sawyer
"Gripping, gritty and unsentimental - Sawyer shows us how perilous future war can be."

Anthologies containing stories by Michael Cobley
No More Heroes (2021)
edited by
Ian Whates
Thirty Years of Rain (2016)
edited by
Elaine Gallagher, Cameron Johnston and Neil Williamson

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