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Judith Ivory

(Judy Cuevas)
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aka Judy Cuevas

Judith Ivory "accidently" acquired two degrees in mathematics, then sold her first novel in 1987 and closed up the math books for good. She lives in Miami Florida, with her two children, two cats and a dog.
Starlit Surrender (1988) (as by Judy Cuevas)
Black Silk (1991) (as by Judy Cuevas)
Bliss (1995) (as by Judy Cuevas)
Dance (1996) (as by Judy Cuevas)
Beast (1997)
Sleeping Beauty (1998)
The Proposition (1999)
The Indiscretion (2001)
Untie My Heart (2002)
Angel In a Red Dress (2006)
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Rita Awards Best Novel winner (2000) : The Proposition