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Dolores Johnson was a journalist who has worked on newspapers in Oregon, California, Wyoming and Colorado, but she always wanted to write and sell a murder mystery. She tried writing books about an investigative reporter and a newspaper editor, but it wasn't until she wrote a book about a dry cleaner, using her background as a free-lance writer and field reporter for American Drycleaner, that she met with success.

Mandy Dyer
   1. Taken to the Cleaners (1997)
   2. Hung Up to Die (1997)
   3. A Dress to Die For (1998)
   4. Wash, Fold, and Die (1999)
   5. Homicide and Old Lace (2000)
   6. Buttons and Foes (2002)
   7. Taking the Wrap (2004)
   8. Pressed to Kill (2007)

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