Jadie Jang

Genres: Urban Fantasy
Jadie Jang recommends
Blackout Odyssey (2021)
Victoria Feistner
"Blackout Odyssey, a gender-bent urban take on Homer's classic, sees a harried woman trying to get home-on foot-to her sexually besieged boyfriend in the midst of the 2003 blackout. In Feistner's Toronto, every shadowed corner hides a temptation or a trap; and a pissed off pantheon of tricksters runs the city like a magical mafia. This delightful, imaginative, insider view is the worst walking tour you were ever glad you went on."
The Circus Infinite (2022)
Khan Wong
"What happens on Persephone-9, stays on Persephone-9. That includes finding family, developing your psionic abilities, learning to love without sex, taking lots and lots of drugs, experiencing the galactic version of Burning Man, and being strong-armed by not one, but two sadistic bosses. Don't miss out on this trippy, action-packed, mindfulness-imbued adventure!"

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