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Emma Straub is from New York City. Her first novel, Laura Lamonts Life in Pictures, will be published by Riverhead Books in September 2012. Her debut story collection Other People We Married, arrived in February 2012, also published by Riverhead Books. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published by Tin House, The Paris Review Daily, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Time, Slate, Cousin Corinnes Reminder, and many other journals, and she is a staff writer for Rookie. Emma lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband.

Genres: General Fiction, Literary Fiction

Emma Straub recommends
The Anatomy of Dreams (2014)
Chloe Benjamin
"Chloe Benjamin's ambitious debut novel matches the subtle surrealism of a dream with the underpinnings of a thriller. Back and forth in time like so many memories coming to light at once, Benjamin has produced a wholly original tale."
Station Eleven (2014)
Emily St. John Mandel
"Station Eleven is the kind of book that speaks to dozens of the readers in me - the Hollywood devotee, the comic book fan, the cult junkie, the love lover, the disaster tourist. It is a brilliant novel, and Emily St John Mandel is astonishing."
Ana of California (2015)
Andi Teran
"Vivid and fully realized. Ana herself is a complicated delight."
Rich and Pretty (2016)
Rumaan Alam
"Impossible to resist."
The Heirs (2017)
Susan Rieger
"Susan Rieger is thrillingly erudite and compulsively readable, a satisfying combination hard to find in any section of the bookstore. The Heirs is an absorbing page-turner, full of sex and secrets, and I loved getting to know the entire Falkes clan."
Woman No. 17 (2017)
Edan Lepucki
"Edan Lepucki is the very best kind of writer: simultaneously generous and precise. I am long been an admirer of her prose, but this book---this book, this massive, brilliant book---is a four alarm fire, the ambitious and rich introduction that a writer of her caliber deserves."
Hex (2020)
Rebecca Dinerstein Knight
"Hex reads like a botanist’s cross-breeding of The Secret History and Department of Speculation, full of brilliant and bodily obsession. Rebecca Dinerstein Knight is both a scientist and a magician, and she conjures this beautiful spell of a novel with total control."
Writers & Lovers (2020)
Lily King
"If you loved The Friend but wish it had had more sex and waitressing, get ready for Lily King’s Writers and Lovers. Delicious."
Perfect Tunes (2020)
Emily Gould
"Perfect Tunes is a zippy and profound story of love, loss, heredity, and par­enthood. I gulped it down, as will all mothers, New Yorkers, music fans, and lovers of quick-moving novels that are both funny and deep. I loved every page."
Cheat Day (2021)
Liv Stratman
"A feverish story of attachment and desire, and the search for satisfaction through food, sex, and hard work—while simultaneously proving the impossibility of perfection."
With Teeth (2021)
Kristen Arnett
"With Teeth is a wonderfully sticky novel about motherhood, partnership, sex and love. Kristen Arnett lets her characters have the run of the place, and it's delicious fun to watch them do, say, and think things they'll regret."
The World Gives Way (2021)
Marissa Levien
"Marissa Levien's debut novel is a thrilling adventure, and in a moment when we're all looking for escape pods, this is a great one."
Dava Shastri's Last Day (2021)
Kirthana Ramisetti
"A rich portrait of a family facing their powerful matriarch's death, Dava Shastri's Last Day is full of music, magnetism, and familial obligation. If Succession were about a multicultural family who actually loved each other, it might look like this."
The Swimmers (2022)
Julie Otsuka
"A goddamn heartbreaker."
I'll Be You (2022)
Janelle Brown
"Absolutely delicious . . . Janelle Brown is a surgeon of the complex relationships between women. I gobbled this up."
Book Lovers (2022)
Emily Henry
"I would follow Emily Henry anywhere. A small town, a literary enterprise, a bookstore to rescue, and sex in moonlit streams? Yes, please! Book Lovers is sexy, funny, and smart. Another perfectly satisfying read from the unstoppable Emily Henry."
The Catch (2022)
Alison Fairbrother
"This big-hearted debut absolutely crackles with smarts--the sentences are crisp, the story unfurls, the characters are just right. The Catch is a delightful read about love, loss, and the vulnerability of growing up."
Woman of Light (2022)
Kali Fajardo-Anstine
"This novel is indelible, and shines its big light on the Lopez family so brightly that I could draw a map of their breath. . . . An absolutely glorious novel."
The Night Shift (2022)
Natalka Burian
"The Night Shift is an engrossing and vibrant novel, and I loved watching my fair city shine in these pages. This is a great book for readers who love New York City after dark, and who see mysterious possibilities around every corner."
The Work Wife (2022)
Alison B Hart
"The Work Wife is a bold and wholly satisfying novel about power, ambition, and the price women must often pay for their dreams. I gobbled it up."
The Old Place (2022)
Bobby Finger
"I loved being inside this skillful novel--at the planning parties for church fundraisers, learning to drive with a can of beer in the cupholder, and in the heads of some wonderfully tangy old Texan ladies. Bobby Finger has built a rich world in The Old Place, and I will think of it every time I make toast."

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