Albert King

UK flag (1924 - 1994)

aka Mark Bannon, Paul Conrad, Craig Cooper, Floyd Gibson, Scott Howell, Christopher King, Paul Muller, Ray Owen

Genres: Mystery
   Blackmail Is Murder (1968) (as by Craig Cooper)
   Catch and Squeeze (1968) (as by Craig Cooper)
   Dame in Distress (1968) (as by Craig Cooper)
   Find Tracey George (1968) (as by Ray Owen)
   What's Funny About Murder? (1968) (as by Craig Cooper)
   Who Killed Honey Bee? (1968) (as by Craig Cooper)
   You'll Die Laughing (1968) (as by Craig Cooper)
   The Fall Guy (1969) (as by Ray Owen)
   Flight from Fear (1969) (as by Ray Owen)
   No Haloes for Hoods (1969) (as by Craig Cooper)
   Who Cries for a Loser (1969) (as by Ray Owen)
   Seek and Destroy (1970) (as by Ray Owen)
   Snatch the Lady (1970) (as by Craig Cooper)
   So Deadly a Web (1971) (as by Ray Owen)
   Run With the Fox (1971) (as by Craig Cooper)
   Date with Doom (1971) (as by Ray Owen)
   End of the Road (1972) (as by Ray Owen)
   Running Scared (1972) (as by Craig Cooper)
   Value for Murder (1972) (as by Craig Cooper)
   Mask of Shadows (1972) (as by Ray Owen)
   The Assimilator (1974) (as by Mark Bannon)
   Ex Minus (1974) (as by Paul Conrad)
   The Man from Ger (1974) (as by Paul Muller)
   Menace from Magor (1974) (as by Scott Howell)
   Operation Mora (1974) (as by Christopher King)
   A Slip in Time (1974) (as by Floyd Gibson)
   The Wayward Robot (1974) (as by Mark Bannon)
   Stage Two (1974)
   Brother Gib (1975) (as by Paul Muller)
   Last Man on Kluth V (1975) (as by Paul Conrad)
   The Manufactured People (1975) (as by Floyd Gibson)
   Passage to Oblivion (1975) (as by Scott Howell)
   Shadow of Gastor (1975) (as by Floyd Gibson)
   The Slave Bug (1975) (as by Paul Conrad)
   The Tomorrow Station (1975) (as by Mark Bannon)
   The World of Jonah Klee (1975) (as by Christopher King)
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