Victor Norwood

(Victor George Charles Norwood)
UK flag (1920 - 1983)

aka Coy Banton, Sane V Baxter, Jim Bowie, Clay Brand, Victor Brand, Ella Howard Bryan, Paul Clevinger, Walt Cody, Shayne Colter, Wes Corteen, Clint Dangerfield, Johnny Dark, Vince Destry, Doone Fargo, Mark Fenton, Wade Fisher, G Gearing-Thomas, Mark Hampton, Hank Janson, Nat Karta, Whip McCord, Brett Rand, Brad Regan, Shane Russell, Rhondo Shane, Victor Shane, Jim Tressidy
Buffaloed (1951) (as by Jim Bowie)
Raw Deal for Dames (1952) (as by Mark Hampton)
Cry of the Beast (1953)
Gun Trail to Glory (1954)
Vision Sinister (1954) (as by Nat Karta)
Boothill Trail (1955) (as by Jim Bowie)
Man Alone! (1956)
Vengeance Valley (1958) (as by Jim Bowie)
A Hand Full of Diamonds (1960)
The Bounty Trail (1963) (as by Shane Russell)
Hell's Wenches (1963)
The Hellbender (1963)
Drums Along the Amazon (1964)
Gun Trail to Boothill (1964) (as by Shane Russell)
Hard Hombre (1964) (as by Jim Tressidy)
Ranger Gun-Law (1964) (as by Wade Fisher)
Boothill for Badmen (1965) (as by Jim Bowie)
Colt Courage (1965) (as by Walt Cody)
Journey of Fear (1965)
Lawman's Code (1965)
The Lobo Breed (1965) (as by Shane Russell)
Trail's End (1965) (as by Vince Destry)
Blood On the Sage (1966) (as by Coy Banton)
Death Valley (1966) (as by Doone Fargo)
The Glory Trail (1966) (as by Vince Destry)
Gun Chore (1966) (as by Wes Corteen)
Gunsmoke Justice (1966)
Halfway to Hell (1966) (as by Clint Dangerfield)
Hellfire Range (1966) (as by Whip McCord)
Killers' Code (1966) (as by Jim Bowie)
Powdersmoke (1966) (as by Clay Brand)
Reap the Wild Wind (1966) (as by Walt Cody)
Code of the Lawless (1967) (as by Brett Rand)
The Gun Hellion (1967) (as by Rhondo Shane)
Lattimer's Last Ride (1967) (as by Clay Brand)
The Long Haul (1967)
Black Day At Eagle Rock (1968) (as by Walt Cody)
Valley of the Damned (1968)
A Badge and a Gun (1970) (as by Vince Destry)
Hell Town (1970)