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Fear of Gravity

A collection of stories by

Cover art majestically done by Alan C. Clark.

"Flying High Again" - Brian Keene introduces the collection with a catch-up of what has transpired in the writer's life since his previous terrific collection, NO REST FOR THE WICKED. I always enjoy non-fiction Keene ramblings, and this sets you up for what is up next in the stories…unabashed Keene!

"Dust" - A tale of a woman who deals with a loss in her own way. A very accurate portrait of what NYC was like in November of 2001. The writing is strong; the emotions real and the conclusion of the story the only way it could occur.

"Babylon Falling" - An intense description of what happens to a military unit when it comes across a Djinn in Iraq. Some insanely tough depictions of torture in this one.

"Slouching in Bethlehem" - The first in a series that chronicles the life of Prosper C. Johnson; "street thug turned rapper turned actor turned peace activist turned Messiah". This is the story of how Prosper came to be…literally. Keene hints at a much deeper, lengthier and detailed story yet to be told.

"Red Wood" - Keene pulls no punches of a hunting trip gone to hell. I would suggest you put on RUSH's great "The Trees" as background music for this diddy.

"The King, in: YELLOW" - A Twilight Zones type of tale, surreal yet tinged with hardcore reality about a couple that sees a play that has been banned in a few countries…for very good reasons.

"I Am An Exit" - A short, pull no punches blast of hatred with a twist at the end that is shocking…but will leave you with an "Oh No, Mr. Bill" face.

"Purple Reign" - Not an homage to Prince's best song but a study in what happens when a cloud drops purple rain on a suburb. This one reminded me of Richard Laymon's ONE RAINY NIGHT. Brian's depiction of the kids is truly strong here.

"The Revolution Happened While You Were Sleeping (A Summoning Spell) Remix - A lyrical spoken- word piece that encompasses the whole of the horror gamut and what a young(er) Brian Keene thinks his (and his Cabal's) place is in it. Hilarious…but touched with a feeling of love for the genre.

"Castaways" - Cross Richard Laymon's BEAST HOUSE monsters with the TV show SURVIVOR and you have one of the best stories in this collection.

"Marriage Causes Cancer In Rats" - This story has all the elements of a Keene story: tense family situations, biting dialogue, a truly fantastic realization of one or more of the characters and, most importantly, a moral tale to tell. The consequences of actions taken and justice (in whatever form) served.

"The Garden Where My Rain Grows" - A sequel to "Earthworm Gods", this continues the situation of never ending rain. Brian's post-apocalyptic USA is realistically drawn imbedded with characters that I swear I know and with some unflinchingly terrible things happening. A very worthy successor and I look forward to a novel length work of these characters.

An added plus is the always acerbic Keene's whimsical take on that dreaded question all writer's get…."Where do you get your stories from?". In "After The Fall", Brian lets us know that these stories are from real experiences twisted into his moral code with a sprinkling of the dark fantastic.

FEAR OF GRAVITY is a collection of stories that show a writer of intense talent reaching his stride. Sometimes lyrical, always entertaining and thrown in is a hint of what is to come…and that is something HUGE.

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Hardback Editions

June 2004 : USA Hardback

Title: Fear of Gravity
Author(s): Brian Keene
ISBN: 1-929653-60-3 / 978-1-929653-60-7 (USA edition)
Publisher: Delirium Books
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Paperback Editions

November 2005 : USA Paperback

Title: Fear of Gravity
Author(s): Brian Keene
ISBN: 1-929653-74-3 / 978-1-929653-74-4 (USA edition)
Publisher: Delirium Books
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA