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Brian Keene is a two-time Bram Stoker Award winning horror author, first in 2001 for his non-fiction work Jobs In Hell and then again in 2003 for his debut novel, the post-apocalyptic zombie tale The Rising. In 2004, he won the Shocker Award for his non-fiction work Sympathy For the Devil. His other novels include Dead Sea, Ghoul, City of the Dead, Terminal, The Conqueror Worms, Fear Of Gravity, and more. Several of his books and stories have been optioned for film, video game and comic book adaptations.

Genres: Horror, Fantasy

   Terminal (2004)
   The Rutting Season (2006)
   The Conqueror Worms (2006)
     aka Earthworm Gods
   The Hollow (2006)
   Ghoul (2007)
   Dead Sea (2007)
   Redemption (2008) (with Shane Ryan Staley)
   Kill Whitey (2008)
   Castaways (2009)
   Urban Gothic (2009)
   Shades (2011) (with Geoff Cooper)
   The Damned Highway (2011) (with Nick Mamatas)
   Entombed (2012)
   An Occurrence in Crazy Bear Valley (2012)
   The Complex (2016)
   Pressure (2016)
   Nemesai (2020) (with John Urbancik)
   Suburban Gothic (2021) (with Bryan Smith)
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   No Rest for the Wicked (2001)
   4 x 4 (2001) (with Geoff Cooper, Michael T Huyck and Michael Oliveri)
   Talking Smack (2002)
   The Rise and Fall of Babylon (2003) (with John Urbancik)
   No Rest At All (2003)
   Fear of Gravity (2004)
   Unhappy Endings (2009)
   Infernally Yours (2009) (with John Everson, Charlee Jacob, Edward Lee, John Shirley and Maynard Sims)
   Grave Conditions (2010) (with J A Konrath, Jonathan Maberry, Scott Nicholson and Stephen Susco)
   Four Rode Out (2010) (with Tim Curran, Tim Lebbon and Steve Vernon)
   Zombies: The Recent Dead (2011) (with Max Brooks, Tobias S Buckell, Neil Gaiman, Joe R Lansdale, Tim Lebbon, Kelly Link and Kit Reed)
   Intermusings (2012) (with Brian A Hopkins, Patricia Lee Macomber, Stephen Mark Rainey, John B Rosenman, Richard Rowand, Brett Savory and David Niall Wilson)
   Earthworm Gods II: Deluge (2013)
   Blood on the Page Volume 1 (2013)
   Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road (2013) (with J F Gonzalez, Ryan Harding, Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, Shane McKenzie, Bryan Smith, Nate Southard and Wrath James White)
   Where We Live and Die (2015)
   All Dark, All The Time (2016)
   Unearthed (2016) (with Richard Chizmar and Ray Garton)
   My Favorite Story (2017) (with Erin Al-Mehairi, Chuck Buda, Thomas R Clark, Frank J Edler, Amber Fallon, Christopher Golden, Jonathan Maberry, James A Moore, Kelli Owen, Armand Rosamilia, Mary SanGiovanni and Jay Wilburn)
   Silverwood: The Door (2019) (with Richard Chizmar, Michelle Garza, Stephen Kozeniewski and Melissa Lason)
   Love Letters From A Nihilist: Volume 3 (2019)
   Dissonant Harmonies (2021) (with Bev Vincent)
Graphic Novels
Brian Keene recommends
Deadliest of the Species (2001)
Michael Oliveri
"...This is one hell of a knuckle-turner. [Oliveri's] debut novel has all the makings of a classic. If you wish you had discovered Stephen King with Carrie, then don't wait to buy this one. Get it now!"
The Bleeding Season (2003)
Greg F Gifune
"Greg Gifune is one of the absolute best voices in dark fiction."
Dragged Into Darkness (2003)
Simon Wood
"Simon Wood is a powerful new voice in the art of dark storytelling. His prose is surreal, unique...and disturbing. The stories in this collection will indeed drag you into darkness - and you'll love every minute of it! A promising debut from a future master of terror."
The Last Motel (2005)
Brett McBean
"The Last Motel is fun; a thrilling, white-knuckled suspense read. Mcbean's voice is one that should be heard - a hint of Laymon and Koontz, yet distinctly his own. Genuinely creepy stuff!"
The Summer I Died (2006)
(Roger Huntington Saga, book 1)
Ryan C Thomas
"A tense, bloody ride!"
The Freakshow (2007)
Bryan Smith
"Bryan Smith serves up a feast of good old-fashioned horror."
Dying To Live (2007)
(Dying To Live, book 1)
Kim Paffenroth
"A high-octane thinking man's horror novel with beautiful and gruesome imagery."
The Desert (2007)
Bryon Morrigan
"The Desert has more dangerous twists and sinister turns than Richard Nixon on crystal meth. When the end comes, all I need is a fifth of whiskey, a loaded handgun, and a copy of this book."
River Runs Red (2008)
Jeffrey J Mariotte
"One of the best storytellers in the business."
Water Witch (2008)
Deborah LeBlanc
"LeBlanc's prose is smooth, quick and as darkly beautiful as the midnight bayou."
Found You (2008)
(Hollower, book 2)
Mary SanGiovanni
"Mary SanGiovanni is one of my favorite authors."
Reservoir Gods (2009)
Brian Knight
"Say hello to horror's next big thing."
The Devil Next Door (2009)
Tim Curran
"The Devil Next Door is dynamite! Visceral, violent, and disturbing!"
Phantom (2009)
Paul Tremblay and Sean Wallace
"An outstanding anthology... Haunting, provocative and immensely enjoyable."
Just Like Hell (2011)
Nate Southard
"Realistic and unflinching in it's brutality."
All-Monster Action! (2012)
Cody Goodfellow
"Compulsive, breakneck reading!"
This Dark Earth (2012)
John Hornor Jacobs
"This Dark Earth is, quite simply, the best zombie novel I've read in years. Breathes some much-needed new life into the dead."
We Are Monsters (2015)
Brian Kirk
"We Are Monsters is fantastic - a frightening and intense thriller. I was blown away. Brian Kirk is exactly what readers need - a talented new voice with original, awe-inspiring ideas that can push the genre forward."
Bio Melt (2015)
Carlton Mellick III
"The literary equivalent of putting your brain in a blender."
The Terminal (2016)
Amber Fallon
"A fun debut sure to appeal to fans of J.f. Gonzalez."
Ararat (2017)
(Ben Walker, book 1)
Christopher Golden
"Ararat is Christopher Golden's masterpiece. A chilling thriller in the spirit of Dan Simmons's The Terror, H.P. Lovecraft's 'At The Mountains of Madness', and John Carpenter's The Thing. I loved it!"
Hex-Rated (2017)
(Brimstone Files, book 1)
Jason Ridler
"Deliciously uncomfortable, wonderfully gritty, and a worthy successor to the occult detectives of old."
Cry Your Way Home (2018)
Damien Angelica Walters
"A hauntingly beautiful collection and emotional rollercoaster. Tender, brutal, gentle, harrowing. I loved it."
Let There Be Dark (2018)
Tim McWhorter
"Crafting creepy thrillers in the vein of Tim McWhorter and Dean Koontz, Tim McWhorter doesn't disappoint!."
The Siren and The Specter (2018)
Jonathan Janz
"One of the best writers in modern horror to come along in the last decade."
The Window (2018)
Glenn Rolfe
"A vital part of this generation."
A Voice So Soft (2019)
Patrick Lacey
"Patrick Lacey has quickly become a must-read for me with each new book."
The Patient (2020)
Jasper DeWitt
"A stunning debut! DeWitt's The Patient is a thrilling, compulsive page-turner that will appeal to fans of F. Paul Wilson, Sarah Pinborough, and Alex Michaelides."
Recall Night (2020)
(Eli Carver, book 2)
Alan Baxter
"Brutal, gritty fun..."
The Loop (2020)
Jeremy Robert Johnson
"The Loop is hilarious and horrifying."
Come With Me (2021)
Ronald Malfi
"Come with Me is Malfi's masterwork – a haunting, heartbreaking novel about grief and secrets. Utterly engrossing and terrifying. Highly recommended!"
A Hole in the World (2021)
(Preacher's Daughter Saves The World, book 1)
Weston Ochse
"Weston is one of the best authors of our generation."
Chasing the Boogeyman (2021)
Richard Chizmar
"Literature was invented around 3400 B.C. Approximately 5,419 years later, Richard Chizmar has invented an entirely new genre of literature with Chasing the Boogeyman. Compulsive, encompassing storytelling. Do not miss this one!"
Manhunt (2022)
Gretchen Felker-Martin
"Every ten years or so, a horror novel comes along that pushes the genre to terrifying new heights. Manhunt is such a novel. An emotional buzzsaw of a book that left me shaken."
To The Devil, A Cryptid (2022)
Hunter Shea
"Shea is to monsters whta George Romero was to zombies. You'll never have fun being frightened."

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