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Carolyn Kirby studied history at Oxford University and novel writing at Faber Academy. Her novel Half of You, a thriller set in 1880’s Birmingham, follows its troubled protagonist’s search for the roots of her scarred personality amidst the origins psychiatry and new ideas about ‘Nature versus Nurture.’ As the dark secrets of her past unravel, Cora must decide if her own nature is an unalterable product of biology and upbringing or if she has the strength to change.


Genres: Historical
Series contributed to
HWA Short Story Collection
   4. Victoriana (2020) (with others)
Carolyn Kirby recommends
A Quiet Contagion (2023)
Jane Jesmond
"This compulsive thriller blends real events with a clever fictional plot. Thoughtful, topical and gripping, A Quiet Contagion is bound to win Jane Jesmond even more acclaim."
Arrietty (2023)
Abby Davies
"Arrietty is a compulsive psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping, heart-breaking twist which is sure to satisfy Abby Davies's many fans."
After the War (2022)
Anita Frank
"An engrossing story of loss, betrayal and love on the farming home front during WWII - that immerses the reader in the struggles of women in wartime and the traumas of the men who returned"

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Award nominations
2020 CrimeFest: Specsavers Debut Crime Novel Award (nominee) : The Conviction of Cora Burns
2019 HWA Debut Crown Award (longlist) : The Conviction of Cora Burns

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