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Danny King

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Danny King is an award-winning British novelist and screenwriter.

Born in Slough, United Kingdom in 1969 he has worked as a hod carrier, a supermarket shelf stacker, a painter & decorator, a postman and a magazine editor and today uses these rich experiences to dodge all of the aforementioned. He has written 14 books to date, eight of which were originally published by Serpent's Tail, two by Byker Books, as well as screenplays for both the big and small screens.

His first book, The Burglar Diaries, won the 2002 Amazon.co.uk Writers' Bursary Award and was the basis of his BBC sitcom, Thieves Like Us (2007). And his first feature film, Wild Bill, won both the 2012 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award and a BAFTA nomination for Outstanding Debut.

He lives in Chichester, West Sussex with wife, Jeannie and two children and divides his time between writing and wondering what to write about.
   Radgepacket:Tales from the Inner Cities Vol 2 (2009) (with Sheila Quigley and Roz Southey)
   Radgepacket Vol 3 (2009) (with Ken McCoy and Nick Quantrill)
   Radgepacket: Tales From The Inner Cities Vol 4 (2010) (with Tom Arnold, Ian Ayris, Ray Banks, Paul D Brazill, Craig Douglas, Guy Mankowski, Steve Porter and Andy Rivers)
   Radgepacket: Tales from the Inner Cities Vol 1 (2011) (with Ian Ayris, Nick Boldock, Ragna Brent, Will Diamond, Jan Francis, Rod Glen, Darrell Irving and Andy Rivers)
   A Pocket Guide To The Sinister Horror Company (2018) (with Daniel Marc Chant, Tracy Fahey, Lydian Faust, Rich Hawkins, Vincent Hunt, Adam Millard, J R Park, Stuart Park and Matt Shaw)