Paula E Downing

(Paula Downing-King)
USA flag (b.1951)

aka Paula King, P K McAllister, Diana Marcellas

Paula Downing King lives in Walla Walla, Washington. She sold her first two novels, Mad Roy's Light and Rinn's Star, in 1989. She has since sold many other novels and released a fantasy trilogy starting in 2001. In her spare time enjoys reading, cross-stitch and playing guitar.

Genres: Fantasy
Cloudship of Orion (as by P K McAllister)
1. Siduri's Net (1994)
2. Maia's Veil (1995)
3. Orion's Dagger (1996)
Witch Of Two Suns (as by Diana Marcellas)
1. Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea (2001)
2. The Sea Lark's Song (2002)
3. Twilight Rising, Serpent's Dream (2004)