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Gerald Kersh

UK flag (1911 - 1968)

Gerald Kersh was born in Teddington-on-Thames, London and died penniless as an American citizen in Kingston, New York. He wrote over 1,000 articles, 400 short stories, and 19 novels. His account of infantry training They Die With Their Boots Clean (1941), became an instant best-seller during World War Two, and launched Kersh on a glittering career. Tax, health and personal problems in later life did not prevent Kersh from writing forgotten masterpieces like Prelude To A Certain Midnight (1947), Fowlers End (1957), The Implacable Hunter (1961) And The Angel And The Cuckoo (1966)
Anthologies containing stories by Gerald Kersh
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Short stories
Apprentice Assassin
'Busto is a Ghost, Too Mean to Give Us a Fright!'
Carnival on the Downs
Collector's Piece
The Copper Dahlia
The Crewel Needle
Crooked Bone
The Dancing Doll
The Eye
The Hack
In a Room Without Walls
The Incorruptible Tailor
The King Who Collected Clocks
Ladies or Clothes
The Madwoman
The Monster
Neither Man Nor Dog [short story]
Ou Est The Corpse De Ma Tante?
The Queen of Pig Island
River of Riches
The Sympathetic Souse
Teeth and Nails
Thicker than Water
The Ugly Face of Love [short story]
The White-Washed Room
Comrade Death (1938)
The Extraordinarily Horrible Dummy (1939)
Sad Road to the Sea [short story] (1940)
All that One Man Remembered (1944)
The Battle of the Singing Men [short story] (1944)
A Bit of a Change (1944)
The Bitter Seas (1944)
The Devil That Troubled the Chess-Board (1944)
The Drunk and the Blind (1944)
Dudelsack (1944)
The Evil Destiny of Dr Polacek (1944)
Hairy Cohen (1944)
Irongut and the Brown Mouse (1944)
The Last Coin of Mr Baer (1944)
Lunatic's Broth (1944)
The Musicians (1944)
A Ruby Worth Eleven Hundred Pounds (1944)
Shaggy Yellow Dog (1944)
Slaves (1944)
The Stone (1944)
The Ten Old Tigers (1944)
The Undefeated (1944)
The White Flash (1944)
The Woman in the Mud (1944)
The Epistle of Simple Simon (1947)
The Ape and the Mystery (1948)
Clock Without Hands [short story] (1949)
Fairy Gold (1949)
Flight to the World's End (1949)
The Terrible Ride of Colonel Tessier (1952)
The Brighton Monster [short story] (1953)
Whatever Happened to Corporal Cuckoo? (1953)
Men Without Bones [short story] (1954)
The Oxoxoco Bottle (1957)
Prophet Without Honour (1958)
The Shady Life of Annibal (1959)
The Unsafe Deposit Box (1962)