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August Derleth

(August William Derleth)
USA flag (1909 - 1971)

aka Stephen Grendon, Tally Mason, Michael West

August Derleth was one of the founders of Arkham House. Born in Sauk City, Wisconsin, he continues to be Wisconsin's most prolific author more than 30 years after his death. His place in American literature will only be enhanced by the discovery of 40 new manuscripts yet to be published. Adding these to his already 150 books, Derleth's place in American literature continues to evolve and grow.

Genres: Mystery, Historical Mystery, General Fiction, Horror, Inspirational, Science Fiction
Judge Peck
   Murder Stalks The Wakely Family (1934)
     aka Death Stalks the Wakely Family
   The Man on All Fours (1934)
   Sign of Fear (1935)
   Three Who Died (1935)
   Sentence Deferred (1939)
   The Narracong Riddle (1940)
   The Seven Who Waited (1943)
   Mischief in the Lane (1944)
   No Future for Luana (1945)
   Fell Purpose (1953)
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Solar Pons
   1. The Adventures of Solar Pons (1945)
     aka Regarding Sherlock Holmes
   2. The Memoirs of Solar Pons (1951)
   3. The Return of Solar Pons (1958)
   4. The Reminiscences of Solar Pons (1961)
   5. The Casebook of Solar Pons (1965)
   6. Mr Fairlie's Final Journey (1968)
   7. The Chronicles of Solar Pons (1973)
   8. The Final Adventures of Solar Pons (1998)
continued in the series by Basil Copper
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   Someone in the Dark (1941)
   The Lurker at the Threshold (1945) (with H P Lovecraft)
   Something Near (1945)
   Not Long for This World (1948)
   The Survivor (1957) (with H P Lovecraft)
   The Mask of Cthulhu (1958)
   Lonesome Places (1962)
   Mr George (1962) (as by Stephen Grendon)
   The Trail of Cthulhu (1962)
   Colonel Markesan and Less Pleasant People (1966) (with Mark Schorer)
   The Shuttered Room (1968)
   The Watchers Out of Time (1974) (with H P Lovecraft)
   Harrigan's File (1975)
   Dwellers in Darkness (1976)
   Quest for Cthulhu (1981)
   An August Derleth Reader (1992)
   Horror Gems, Volume Three (2012) (with others)
Anthologies edited
   The Dark Brotherhood (1946)
   Who Knocks? (1946)
   The Night Side (1947)
   The Sleeping and the Dead (1947)
   Strange Ports of Call (1948)
   The Other Side of the Moon (1949)
   Beyond Time and Space (1950)
   Far Boundaries (1951)
   The Outer Reaches (1951)
     aka The Time of Infinity
   Beachheads in Space (1952)
   From Other Worlds (1952)
   Night's Yawning Peal (1952)
   New Worlds for Old (1953)
     aka Worlds of Tomorrow
   Portals of Tomorrow (1954)
   Time to Come (1954)
   Dark Mind Dark Heart (1962)
   When Evil Wakes (1963)
   Over the Edge (1964)
   Sleep No More (1964)
   Travellers by Night (1967)
   Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Volume 2 (1969) (with H P Lovecraft)
   Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Volume 1 (1969)
   The Horror in the Museum (1970)
   Dark Things (1971)
   New Horizons (1990)
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Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by August Derleth
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Short stories
The Adventure of the Aluminium Church
The Adventure of the Ascot Scandal
The Adventure of the Benin Bronze
The Adventure of the Bishop's Companion
The Adventure of the Frightened Baronet
The Adventure of the Golden Bracelet
The Adventure of the Hats of M. Dulac
The Adventure of the Innkeeper's Clerk
The Adventure of the Lost Holiday
The Adventure of the Missing Huntsman
The Adventure of the Praed Street Irregulars
The Adventure of the Purloined Periapt
The Adventure of the Retired Novelist
The Adventure of the Seven Passengers
The Adventure of the Seven Sisters
The Adventure of the Shaplow Millions
The Adventure of the Sotheby Salesman
The Adventure of the Stone of Scone
The Adventure of the Three Red Dwarfs
The Adventures of the Man with the Broken Face
The Little Friend
Mrs Lannisfree
Open Sesame! (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Patchwork Quilt
The Song of the Pewee (as by Stephen Grendon)
They Shall Rise (with Mark Schorer)
Bat's Belfry (1926)
The Adventure of the Black Narcissus (1929)
The Adventure of the Late Mr Faversham (1929)
The Adventure of the Limpimg Man (1929)
The Adventure of the Missing Tenants (1929)
The Adventure of the Black Cardinal (1930)
Mrs Bentley's Daughter (1930)
Prince Borgia's Mass (1931)
The House in the Magnolias (1932)
The Thing That Walked on the Wind (1932)
Nellie Foster (1933)
The Panelled Room (1933)
The Return of Andrew Bentley (1933) (with Mark Schorer)
The Metronome (1934)
Wild Grapes (1934)
Lesandro's Familiar (1936)
Three Gentlemen In Black (1938)
The Drifting Snow (1939) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Return of Hastur (1939)
Beyond the Threshold (1941)
Here, Daemos! (1942)
The House on Curwen Street (1943)
A Wig for Miss DeVore (1943)
The Adventure of the Norcross Riddle (1944)
The Dweller in Darkness (1944)
A Gentleman from Prague (1944) (as by Stephen Grendon)
Pacific 421 (1944)
Alannah (1945) (as by Stephen Grendon)
Carousel (1945)
The Lost Day (1945)
The Watcher from the Sky (1945)
Dead Man's Shoes (1946) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Extra Passenger (1946) (as by Stephen Grendon)
Mr George [short story] (1946) (as by Stephen Grendon)
Bishop's Gambit (1947) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Lonesome Place (1947)
Parrington's Pool (1947) (as by Stephen Grendon)
Blessed Are the Meek (1948) (as by Stephen Grendon)
Mara (1948) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Night Train to Lost Valley (1948) (as by Stephen Grendon)
Saunder's Little Friend (1948)
The Tsanta in the Parlour (1948) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Whippoorwills in the Hills (1948)
The Wind in the Lilacs (1948) (as by Stephen Grendon)
Balu (1949) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Blue Spectacles (1949) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Gorge Beyond Salapunco (1949)
Mrs Manifold (1949) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Slayers and the Slain (1949)
The Man on the B-17 (1950) (as by Stephen Grendon)
A Room in a House (1950)
The Adventure of the Tottenham Werewolf (1951)
The Keeper of the Key (1951)
The Adventure of the Camberwell Beauty (1952)
The Adventure of the Remarkable Worm (1952)
The Adventure of the Rydberg Numbers (1952)
The Black Island (1952)
Hector (1952) (as by Michael West)
The House in the Valley (1953)
The Adventure of the Penny Magenta (1954)
The Adventure of the Swedenberg Signatures (1954)
The Survivor [short story] (1954) (with H P Lovecraft)
The Adventure of the Ball of Nostradamus (1955) (with Mack Reynolds)
The Adventure of the Lost Dutchman (1955)
The Adventure of the Devil's Footprints (1956)
The Adventure of the Grice-Paterson Curse (1956)
The Adventure of the Mazarine Blue (1956)
The Adventure of the Trained Cormorant (1956)
The Adventure of the 'Triple Kent' (1957)
The Adventure of the Little Hangman (1957)
The Ancestor (1957) (with H P Lovecraft)
The Dark Boy (1957)
The Gable Window (1957)
The Lamp of Alhazred (1957)
The Peabody Heritage (1957)
The Shadow Out of Space (1957)
Wentworth's Day (1957)
The Adventure of the Dorrington Inheritance (1958)
The Adventure of the Mosaic Cylinders (1959)
The Fisherman of Falcon Point (1959)
Hallowe'en for Mr Faulkner (1959)
The Shuttered Room [short story] (1959) (with H P Lovecraft)
The Adventure of the Cloverdale Kennels (1960)
The Adventure of the Blind Clairaudient (1961)
The Adventure of the Troubled Magistrate (1961)
The Adventure of the Sussex Archers (1962)
House - with Ghost (1962)
Miss Esperson (1962) (as by Stephen Grendon)
The Adventure of the Fatal Glance (1963)
The Adventure of the Haunted Library (1963)
The Adventure of the Whispering Knights (1963)
The Adventure of the Crouching Dog (1964)
The Adventure of the Intarsia Box (1964)
The Adventure of the Spurious Tamerlane (1964)
The Amateur Philologist (1964)
The Adventure of the China Cottage (1965)
The Adventure of the Orient Express (1965)
The Adventure of the Red Leech (1966)
The Dark Brotherhood [short story] (1966) (with H P Lovecraft)
The Adventure of the Unique Dickensian's (1968)

August Derleth recommends
Scratch on the Dark (1967)
(Mike Faraday, book 4)
Basil Copper
"Outstanding in the genre."
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (1943)
H P Lovecraft
"Among the best fiction of H P Lovecraft."
The Double Shadow (1933)
Clark Ashton Smith
"More than any other writer, Clark Ashton Smith has captured the beauty and terror of fantastic worlds of dream and the imagination .virtually without peer in the genre of fantasy and the macabre."

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