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Leigh Kelsey

Leigh Kelsey is the author of romance and reverse harem books for anyone with a soft spot for steely women and the tortured men who love them. No matter what stories she's writing - vampires or shifters or bad boys - they all share a common thread of love, heart, and action. She is the author of the Lili Kazana series, the Moonlight Inn series, the Blacktower Prison for Supernaturals series, and many more books.

Genres: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance

   Saved Between The Sheets (2019) (with Lacey Carter Andersen, Tabitha Barret, Jaliza A Burwell, Nikki Landis, Allyson Lindt, M Lizbeth, Jessa Lucas, Katie May, Lina J Potter, Ann Swan, Rae Tina, R M Walker, A C Wilds and Candice Wright)
   Emoji Between the Sheets (2019) (with J C Layne, Maggie Lee, Skye MacKinnon, Cherron Riser, Vannah Summers, Ann Swan, R M Walker, Jennifer Wedmore and C L Williams)
   Falling For Them Volume 5 (2019) (with Sofia Ann Hoffman, Harlow Leigh, Romy Lockhart, Amy Sumida, Garrett Ward and Miki Ward)
   Spells and Shifter Mates (2022)
   Love is Eternal (2022) (with Kate Bonham, Joely Sue Burkhart, Regina Frame, Rowan St George, Beth Hendrix, C A King, Linny Lawless, Kelly Lord, Leaona Luxx, Jewel Lynn, Hannah Morse, Solamae Reign, Haley Rhoades, Pandora Snow, Sarah Stein, Alexis Taylor, Tamara White and Ruby Wolff)
   Love is Forever (2022) (with Nyx Black, Margaux Carroll, Elizabeth Dunlap, Kimberly Gray, Amanda Marin, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Kat Parrish, Faedra Rose and Ramsey Savage)